The rejuvenating gymnastics for the person

The rejuvenating gymnastics for the person

Skin of our person can be subject to presenilation. It is promoted by not only harmful effects of the environment, but also too rough emotions which imprint in mimic wrinkles. That face skin pleased you with the elasticity and smartness longer, it is necessary to carry out simple gymnastics for the person.

Giving to gymnastics for the person only several minutes a day, it is possible to give the chance to skin to remain in tone long time. Exercises promote strengthening of muscles and face skin. The gymnastics needs to be carried out several times a day.

To get rid of wrinkles on forehead

Both palms of hands to press forehead skin at the root of hair. At the same time it is necessary to look down and to hold them closed within six seconds.

That eyebrows did not fall

It is necessary to press densely skin of superciliary arches forefingers, and at the same time to try to raise highly eyebrows. Exercise is done within six seconds.

To return elasticity to upper eyelids 

 To put small pillows of four fingers on podbrovny space. Eyebrows should be raised on couple of millimeters. At the same time fingers it is necessary to press strong skin, and densely to close eyes. In such situation to remain six seconds.

For strengthening of cheeks

It is necessary to move apart corners of mouth small pillows of forefingers with force up, then to move them to the right and left parties. Does exercise within 6 seconds. If skin of your cheeks to become flabby, then simple exercise will help. At distance to steam of centimeters from ears edges of palms to press skin. To extend lips tubule, inflating at the same time cheeks. Process to last about six seconds.  

To strengthen muscles around mouth

It is necessary to blow as if you blow out the candles. It is necessary to blow air with big force, with extent in six seconds. After that we relax muscles and slowly we slightly open mouth, at the same time stretching lips over teeth.

Against double chin

Many women very much are afraid of emergence of the second chin and that it has not occurred, exercise for its prevention will help. Language needs to be pressed densely to the sky, straining at the same time muscles of "the second chin". Slowly incline the head back, then make inclination forward. Exercise is done within six seconds then muscles need to be relaxed.

Besides exercises it is worth doing light massage of the person by means of cream. It needs to be "driven in" into skin with the easy patting movements by fingertips.

All these simple exercises need to be carried out regularly that will prevent premature appearance of wrinkles. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team