The selection perfumery

The selection perfumery

The selection perfumery gaining today the increasing popularity is new trend of universal fashion or destiny rich and well-known? Let's look what the aromas created counter to trends of the world perfumery industry are so appreciated.

Aromas – the integral component of ordinary life by means of which we obtain certain part of information on the world around. Today perfume is not less significant detail of image, than clothes, from any given party characterizing the person. However the last century of mass technologies has made revolutionary changes in the perfumery industry. To replace unique perfumery compositions which could be created for years the mass product which is reflecting fashion trends and preferences of wide range of potential consumers, replaced natural components with synthetic has come. Moreover, the most part of cost of perfumery bottle of the known brand consists of costs of publicity and image component of brand.

Against the background of these processes the selection perfumery intended for narrow circle of people and differing in use of high-quality natural ingredients has also acquired relevance. During creation of such aromas, the perfumer first of all is guided by own preferences and imagination, but does not follow the marketing strategy of the market and global trends in fashion. Aromas of the selection perfumery it is not advertized to general public, and all information on brands extends by means of so-called "gossip hotline". Moreover, they are provided no more than in 250 sales outlets worldwide and contain no more than 10 aromas in one line of products.

Times of government of the queen Cleopatra when the aromatic oils on the basis of natural components intending not for religious practices, and for the personal esthetic purposes have been for the first time created are considered as starting point of emergence of the selection perfumery. The majority of brands of the selection perfumery of our time can be referred to one of four main groups conditionally: brands with aromas in vintage stylistics, personalized brands, brands with aromas toys and the brands creating monoaromas. Such brands as belong to the first group: L'Artisan Parfumeur (France), Diptyque (France), Amouage (Oman), Montale (France), Les Parfumes de Rosine (France), Histories de Parfums (France), Pecksniffs (England), Czech & Speeke (England), Patyka (France), Carthusia (Italy) and Bond No. 9 (USA). Representatives of the second group are brands: Creed (England), Penhaligon's (England), E. Coudray (France), Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle (France), Annick Goutal (France), Serge Lutens (France), The Different Company (France), Lorenzo Villoresi (Italy), Keiko Mecheri (Japan), Jo Malone (England). Bright representatives of the third group are the Clean and Comptoir sud Pacifique brands. And, at last, representatives of the fourth group, original brands finish this list: Demeter (USA), Etro (Italy) and NellyRodi Scent Factory.

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