To become beautiful in ten minutes a day

To become beautiful in ten minutes a day

demands the victims, time and money. The modern world is so bustling that many women just are not in time all and at once, especially to watch itself favourite. It is necessary to find at least couple of minutes to stand at mirror or to carry out some procedures in the bathroom. Others choose salons, but it is not to everyone on pocket. And it is possible just to plan every day and to bring in records of 10 min. for targeting of beauty.

The woman is delicate fragile flower which looks always perfectly. And the household routine, sometimes hammers this flower with heap of ware, washing, ironing and cleaning. And still, for the muzhny woman is able to find time for children and the husband: it is amusing to feed, caress and lay, but these three functions and the truth are applicable in both cases. And how to find time for itself.

It is necessary to try to plan all week, literally on hours, and in the list of affairs allocate 10 min. for beauty. And every day these 10 min., different procedures become.

For example: Monday - hair care. If you have short hair, then problems will not arise, and drawing various masks and balms will not take a lot of time and if length average and more, here as turns out, especially it is possible just to rinse with water with addition couple of tablespoons of lemon, then hair will find gloss and lively color. Tuesday - we put srub on face and neck, we wash away. Then we apply cream. It is possible steam person bath on herbs, 5-7 min., then time will open and skin will begin to shine. Wednesday - we look after hands. For hands it is possible to prepare baths too, to sit down in the convenient location and to relax. Think of good, of how you are beautiful, thereby, combining business with pleasure. After that, remove superfluous, in nails and apply nutritious cream. Thursday - legs and area of bikini. For the procedure of removal of excess vegetation it is possible to choose any day, but it is the best of all if it is day when the moon, that is, after full moon, or in general, in the last lunar day decreases. Then process of growth will slow down. Friday - manicure and pedicure. As on Wednesday have made baths and have removed cuticle and agnails, for manicure it is not necessary to soar strongly hand, it is enough to moisten with warm water with soft hand soap. Now start. It is better if you just apply the strengthening transparent varnish, than usual. So you keep beauty of nails. Saturday - again face and neck. It is possible to repeat most too, as on Tuesday, only to add eye and eyebrows care. On eyes apply the cotton pads moistened in mint broth for 5 minutes, then paint over eyelashes castor oil, for rapid growth and strengthening. Give to eyebrows the beautiful form and grease with special gel. Sunday - the bathroom with sea salt. Arrange yourself good rest. After clear-out in the house, it is desirable to take bath and to relax. So you will get rid from negative power in the house and remove the stress and fatigue. To begin the main thing, it is difficult and sometimes, it is not imaginable, but is worth it.

Even when your schedule very dense or you mother of three children, 10 minutes, I think, it is possible to find. Distribute everything accurately and competently, designate procedures, their sequence of performance and then you will always look the well-groomed woman. As a result, you so get used to new daily routine that time for itself will turn out to spend more, when everything is painted on minutes, it will become one many easier to live.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team