To cut nails or to file

To cut nails or to file

As soon as there are various hand care products, at once there is also set of disputes about what way of leaving is better. It concerns and manicure, beautiful well-groomed nails always remain the second person of the woman, and ways of giving of form to nails exists a little.

Constant disputes in questions of care for nails begin with how it is correct to give the form. For this purpose there are at least two tools: cuticle scissors and nail files.

Nail files or scissors

All ways of giving of desirable form to nails are the procedure injuring for nail plate. To make manicure without its partial damage – absolutely impracticable task.

The least injuring way of giving of form to nails can be picked up proceeding from qualities of nail plate.

The choice of the tool in this case depends mostly on quality of nails. Strong and firm nails transfer podpilivaniye much better. Scissors will quicker break thick nail or will promote breaking off of small pieces, as from plastic. To file such nails though long, but problems with stratification will arise less. To straighten thin and soft nails with quite perhaps usual cuticle scissors. Such nails behave as paper therefore to cut them – the best choice.

How accurately to straighten nails

For beautiful and well-groomed manicure it is the best of all to combine the offered tools reasonably.

During manicure it is recommended to use both scissors, and nail file, following at the same time rules of the accurate address with nails.

At first, the nail has carefully hair cut scissors. At the same time it is necessary to recede from that place where the nail goes beyond edge of finger a little. Otherwise entering of infection under skin is possible. Similar inaccurate actions can lead to the fact that nails will begin to blacken or to pick hangnails. The most dangerous manifestation of careless manicure is formation of the grown nails which demands surgical intervention. Nails standing which already transfer big loadings are subject to especially strongly similar phenomenon, constantly being in footwear. After primary giving of form, nails should be processed nail file. In the matter it is necessary to conform to several simple rules too. It is strictly forbidden to drive nail file on nail in different directions, so they will begin to exfoliate much quicker. And also it is not recommended to do more than 10 movements on one nail to prevent its excessive damage. It should be noted that metal files are the most injuring for nail plate. Their use is supposed generally for artificially increased nails. Now it is possible to start any other ways of manicuring, and beautifully and correctly issued nails will become guarantee of appeal of female handles.

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