To get rid of pimples on back and shoulders, having found out the cause

To get rid of pimples on back and shoulders, having found out the cause

Developing of pimples is current problem not only for teenagers, but also and for adults. As well as at emergence of other problems with organism, it is necessary to find out the reason of their education, it will help to get rid of pimples on back and shoulders.

Two groups of the reasons which cause appearance of pimples on spin are allocated: external and internal. Wearing clothes from artificial, synthetic fabrics belongs to external, first of all, that leads to the fact that skin practically under it does not breathe. Moreover, skin in this zone is exposed to the strengthened friction about clothes, and reproduction of bacteria becomes result of all. Strong hobby for suntan therefore skin develops bigger amount of fat can become the second reason, and it, in turn, is shown in blockage of time and developing of pimples. In case pimples on back and shoulders already take place to be, it is only possible to worsen situation, injuring skin: to scratch, pick them. And it becomes result of their bigger distribution and inflammation.

There are also internal reasons which lead to formation of acne rash. For example, one of such important reasons is the allergy. Really, availability on something can lead allergies to developing of pimples which are externally very similar to the traces arising at contact of skin with nettle.

Availability in organism of hormonal failure can become other, not less important cause of pimples on spin. In case production of hormones is broken, it stimulates to formation of fat which, in turn, leads to blockage of time. There is inflammatory process. Most often such problem is noted at children of teenage age and pregnant women.

The following cause of pimples on back and shoulders – availability of bacterial infection. In particular, some species of bacteria are capable to cause developing of pimples on body. Most often inflammation and availability of pus are inherent in such rash. Developing of rash can be result of misoperation of digestive organs. At unhealthy food the organism can "pay back" with pimples on back and shoulders. 

Thus, if desired finally to get rid of pimples on spin, it is necessary to define first of all the reason of their education, and already further to concentrate on house methods of fight against them.

In case the problem has not gained large-scale character, that is opportunity to cope with pimples independently. The main thing that process of treatment proceeded consistently, and treatment had complex character. It is worth remembering that in case such methods do not result in positive result – it is not possible to get rid of pimples on spin or, moreover, there is only deterioration, it is better to address the expert.

It is known that the healthy and balanced nutrition is necessary condition for beautiful and healthy skin. If, on the contrary, in diet greasy and fried food, sweet dishes or alcohol prevail, then it is worth reconsidering it. It is necessary to refuse such food and to include fruit, vegetables in daily food, it is more than cereals.

Also daily application of warm shower will help to get rid of pimples on back and shoulders that will allow to purify properly leather from dirt and sweat on it. Anyway even if pimples on spin are absent, it is better not to forget about hygiene for the purpose of prevention. For the purpose of subdrying of the available pimples it is worth applying either tar soap, or special antibacterial gel. If rash is quite strongly widespread, then visit of steam room one or two times within week can help to get rid of it, to purify skin. 

Also special external means will help to get rid pimples on back and shoulders. After visit of shower it is worth processing heat-spots antiacne tonic, and then to grease this area with cream. It is possible to use such effective medicines as baziron, tea tree oil, salicylic lotion, zinc oxide ointment. Processing of inflammations needs to be carried out on twice a day.

There is also one more way to get rid of pimples on spin – application of clay masks. The procedure is simple: to apply clay to skin, to wind atop with food wrap and to leave on quarter of hour. It is necessary to carry out such procedure with frequency of times - two in week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team