To have a shave properly?

To have a shave properly?

Even such simple procedure as shaving, it is necessary to carry out by rules, the strong irritation of skin and cuts do not paint even the man.

It is required to you

  • - razor or machine;
  • - means for shaving;
  • - aftershave;
  • - towels;
  • - warm and cold water.


1. Before starting shaving, it is necessary to steam out face properly. So the razor will better slide on it - it will save skin from irritation and cuts. For steaming it is possible to take warm shower or bath and if there is no time, then moisten towel with hot water and for couple of minutes apply to the person. The will be hotter water, the better.

2. It is necessary to use means for shaving. Rub it easy movements where bristle, kind of scratching it. Such ""massage"" is useful - the blood which has flowed to skin will fill capillaries and will make it elastic.

3. The decision with what to have a shave - open razor or the machine, to accept to you. In the same way to you to solve what means to use when shaving - cream, foam or gel. It is important that it were your devices and cosmetics - the personal hygiene is important.

4. There are two technicians of shaving - on growth of hair and against. On growth – it is simpler and safer. Usually it becomes from top to down, but also other options are possible. Such way is more similar to stroking. The second way - you move against growth of hair and of course shave off the most part of bristle, but at the same time irritate the skin stronger if you act inaccurately.

5. When shaving do not stretch skin too strongly, but at the same time if not to stretch it at all, then it is possible to be cut. Therefore it is worth advising to be guided by the feelings when shaving.

6. After you have finished, it is necessary to rinse face with cold water and to make cold compress for couple of minutes. It will narrow vessels and will close time, protecting the angry face skin from bacteria. Wipe face with lotion or cream after shaving.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team