Trends: the bursting nail varnish

Trends: the bursting nail varnish

The bursting varnish or craquelure - original option of design of nails. With its help it is possible to create various effects, from modest to very bright. Everything depends on the chosen varnish, way of its drawing, substrate and other nuances.

Craquelure history

Varnish with effect of cracking has appeared in the manicure market for a long time, the first options of similar covering have been offered about 20 flyings ago. During this time the craquelure several times became fashionable, and today has turned into classics. The first varnishes issued brands of professional level, and now craquelures are also in collections of mass and luxury brands.

The essence of the bursting manicure is simple. At first the substrate of contrast color is applied on nails, it is dried up and becomes covered by craquelure layer. When drying, varnish craquelure forms cracks of various form. Some brands give effect of wood bark, others remind thin cracks on ancient cloths or crocodile leather.

The first varnishes craquelures had limited color scale. Later it has extended, more unusual options have been created: varnishes with effect metallic, glossy and opaque enamels, means with small shimmer. The ready sets including varnish substrate and craquelure were available for sale. Unusual combinations of flowers - khaki with gold, blue with blue or bright pink with pale lilac have become fashionable.

Features of the bursting manicure

That the craquelure looked beautifully and kept most long, it is required to prepare nails. The plate needs to be polished, having removed grooves and other roughnesses. Then the nail is covered with protective base, and over it apply varnish substrate. It is not obligatory to use varnish of the same brand, as craquelure, any dense and opaque enamel will approach. Varnishes metallics are very good, they give to manicure elegance, and slightly rough texture gives the chance to craquelure to create large cracks. Having dried up substrate, apply on it craquelure layer. The he is more fat, the larger cracks will turn out. Very thin layer will give effect of patina which can look beautifully too. To accelerate cracking process, hold up nails under stream of cold air from the hair dryer. You hold fingers not too close to the device, otherwise on nails there can be bubbles. That varnish has held on longer, record it upper covering with effect of gloss. You put only it after full drying of craquelure. The brilliant top will not allow varnish to break away and will give to manicure luster. Very elegantly the top with small spangles looks, it is ideal for festive manicure. The craquelure easily is removed. It without the rest is erased by usual liquid for varnish removal, without demanding preliminary soaking. At the same time the craquelure is quite durable. Correctly made manicure keeps week and even more. The bursting varnish also will be suitable for pedicure. But in this case it is better to apply it only on nails of thumbs, having covered the others with usual enamel of suitable shade.

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