Types of body scrubs for weight loss

Types of body scrubs for weight loss

Body scrub – means of clarification, toning and rejuvenation of skin. Srubs for weight loss can be got in shop, and it is better to prepare their houses on the basis of coffee thick, sea salt, essential oils, etc.

Srub – the cosmetic incorporating the solid particles peeling the dead skin cells improving blood circulation and enriching with its oxygen. In translation from English the srub means word "to clean, to cross, wash". Regularly purifying skin with such means, it is possible to increase its elasticity and elasticity, and together with curative bathtubs and wrappings to reduce body volumes, that is to lose weight.

The history of cosmetic structure under the name srub, contains not one thousand years. According to legends, ancient Roman beauties prolonged the youth and beauty the srubs prepared on the basis of honey, the crushed cervine horns, milk and the purified sand. The famous beauty Cleopatra also regularly used srubs with addition of olive oil. Today it is possible to find cosmetics of such spectrum of action from various producers in sale and intended for face skin, body, legs, hands, etc. Besides, they differ not only in the place of application, but also as skin.

To owners of dry and sensitive skin recommend to apply srubs of gentle consistence with fine abrasive particles. Women with the combined and oily skin can choose means with addition of clay, apricot stones and other coarse abrasive particles. The smallest parts by the size are part of face scrub. It is possible to clean body with means on the basis of sea salt, sugar, stones of raspberry, strawberry, etc. Pokhudatelny effect the coffee thick, apricot stones, essential oils of citrus, oat flakes, sugar, etc. will provide.

Salt smoothes skin and levels the surface of epidermis. Sugar renders more sparing effect and will be suitable for sensitive skin.

It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to use srub at inflammation and various rashes on skin, wounds, cuts, etc. For reduction of volumes of body skin before processing by such structure needs to be steamed out well. To put means with circular motions, accurately massing skin within 5 minutes. After that to rub in it any nutritious or moisturizing cream, and it is better to make wrapping, for example, with seaweed or chocolate. There is large number of recipes for srubs for weight loss. Such structure enjoys the greatest popularity: to clean half of grapefruit from films, to crush and mix with 5 tablespoons of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Not to throw out peel from fruit, and to grate and add to mix. To process body massage movements before emergence of redness and to wash away warm water.

It is necessary to remember that some srubs not to solve problem of excess weight, it is necessary to reconsider the food and to increase physical activity.

To mix 2 tablespoons of coffee thick, 1 tablespoon of honey and several drops of essential oils of citrus – lemon, grapefruit and orange. To use for designated purpose. In winter season it is recommended to apply such means: to mix 2 tablespoons of powder of cocoa with 100 gr sugar, to add 1–2 tablespoons of oil of peach and several drops of jojoba oil. This means well nourishes skin and stimulates combustion of fat.

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