Use of essential oil patchouli. Its properties

Use of essential oil patchouli. Its properties

essential oil has the unique properties. Their medical force is used long ago by the person in the medical and cosmetic purposes. Oil patchouli possesses the antiseptic, antifungal and regenerating action, stimulates nervous system. Moisturizes excessively dry skin and eliminates unpleasant smells.

Patchouli receives essential oil from leaves of tropical bush. Philippines and Malaysia are considered as its homeland. Previously dried up raw materials are subjected by extractions by distillation method. As a result liquid of viscous consistence of dark brown color with greenish shade turns out.

Oil patchouli has deep saturated aroma with wood and grass shade. It is widely used in perfumery as the fixing substance in spirits of east type.

Oil patchouli is natural antidepressant. It removes nervous tension, stimulates mental activity and increases concentration of attention. Its aroma stirs up creative activity and is used for meditation. Oil patchouli is recommended at insomnia, depressions and the increased irritability.

Essential oil possesses strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action. Rectal application helps to eliminate gemorroidalny nodes. Thanks to easy diuretic action it is shown at inflammation of urethral bodies. It is used as a part of means for intimate hygiene, preventing development of the diseases of the sexual sphere caused by bacteria.

Essential oil belongs to erotic stimulators, strengthening sexual desire. It increases potency, the hormonal background balances and rejuvenates the endocrine system of organism.

Oil patchouli shows antifungal action, promotes the accelerated regeneration of fabrics. Therefore it is applied to healing of wounds, burns and cracks. Effectively at treatment of allergic dermatitis and eczemas, helps at fungal infections, acne rash. Eliminates dandruff, feeds and strengthens hair, adds them gloss and elasticity, promotes growth. In cosmetology essential oil patchouli is appreciated as skin care product, especially dry and sensitive. It has the feeding, rejuvenating and smoothing effect. Eliminates irritation and peeling on problem skin. Helps to eliminate excessive perspiration with foot of legs and zones of armpits. Oil patchouli brings excess liquid out of organism and also reduces appetite therefore it is recommended to the people wishing to lose weight. It actively use for achievement lifting effect and giving to elasticity skin. Oil has ability to eliminate cellulitis, is parts for massage, saves from flabbiness of bust, stomach and hips. There are contraindications to use of essential oil patchouli. It is not recommended to pregnant women, children till 1 year and also at individual intolerance. Methods of application of oil are very different. It can be used in aromalamps, aromamedalyona and for acceptance of bathtubs. Addition of several drops of means in face cream enriches it and allocates with new properties. For treatment of seborrhea it is recommended to drop every time when washing the head in shampoo a little oil. It is part of massage means, it is used for syringings and microenemas. It is necessary to observe dosage and not to use oil patchouli in undiluted look.

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