Use of jojoba oil in cosmetology

Use of jojoba oil in cosmetology

It is accepted to call jojoba oil "liquid gold" long since. Business here not only in its exclusive color which resembles amber. Thanks to rather dense and viscous structure reminding liquid wax and the properties similar on structure to subcutaneous fat, jojoba oil it is perfectly perceived by skin, being remarkably absorbed and creating the invisible protective film keeping moisture and interfering dehydration on skin.

Jojoba oil well remains, do not add to it, as a rule, dyes and fragrances, it in itself has pleasant shade and has gentle aroma. Thanks to this property, oil can be applied by the people having tendency to allergic reactions.

Thanks to use of jojoba oil in cosmetology it is possible to achieve good results for maintaining elasticity and elasticity of skin. This valuable oil since ancient times was applied in Egypt, with success royal persons and their confidants for maintaining the beauty and extension of youth used it.

Thanks to regular use of jojoba oil it is possible to achieve healthy complexion and also it is useful for the tired and withering skin, it returns it former beauty and shine.

Jojoba oil for disposal of small wrinkles both in corners of eyes, and in corners of lips is also useful. Still this oil can be used also for acceptance of solar bathtubs, suntan in this case will be more uniform, and skin will be protected from adverse effect of ultraviolet, and moisture in it will be kept. Besides suntan will lay down after that more evenly and will hold on much longer.

Jojoba oil is extremely useful for hair and head skin, masks from it are very effective, they make hair similar to silk, promote combing simplification and also it is the invaluable product returning vital force to the hair which have undergone aggressive chemical influence. For this purpose jojoba oil needs to be applied on hair just before washing of the head on roots, to distribute hairbrush with small teeths on all length and to leave for twenty-thirty minutes then to wash away soft shampoo and to put the looking after mask.

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