Use of strawberry in cosmetology

Use of strawberry in cosmetology

Strawberry is not just tasty berry, but remarkable cosmetic which can be used at any type of skin. House cosmetics with strawberry – excellent alternative to expensive means from shops.

Simple means with strawberry for skin

In spite of the fact that practically each woman knows at least one national recipe on face skin care, we use them very seldom. And the reason for that one – laziness. Now we will offer you very simple recipes with strawberry. Preparation will not borrow such cosmetics a lot of time, and here the advantage of them will be much more, than from the chemistry acquired in shop.

It is very easily possible to prepare ice from strawberry juice. For this purpose pound berries and wring out from them juice. Pour it on molds for ice and use for wiping of the person. Such simple means will help to return to skin elasticity, refreshes and feeds with vitamins and antioxidants.

Also you can prepare the most plain strawberry face pack – mash berries of strawberry and put on face approximately on quarter of hour. If you have oily skin, then previously grease face with strawberry juice and if dry – any vegetable unrefined oil.

Masks and srubs from strawberryFor normal skin it is possible to use such recipe – mix quarter of glass of kefir with salt and prepare several large berries of strawberry. Berries need to be lowered in kefir and to pound them on the person. Peculiar soft srub will turn out. It can be used also for dry skin, but then instead of kefir it is necessary to use corn or olive oil.

There is one more excellent house means with strawberry which will help you to eliminate greasy luster. Such mask from strawberry possesses disinfecting action and can be applied to the angry skin care. Mash several berries of strawberry and fill in with quarter of glass of tea mushroom. Infuse mix about three hours, and then filter. Put gruel on face for half an hour. This mask needs to be taken off the tampon moistened in the remained infusion. After the mask is completely removed, wash cool water.

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