Useful tips for nail care

Useful tips for nail care

Beautiful, healthy, strong, well-groomed nails - one of our best jewelry! Try to observe simple councils for care for nails that they always perfectly looked and pleased you.


1. Protect skin of hands. Use cream which suits your skin. In cold weather you wear mittens or gloves. Applying cream to skin of hands, do not forget also about nails: cream creates protective film on the surface of nails. At contact with cleaners (cleaning of bathtub, sink) use rubber gloves. Wash the dishes, wipe dust and wash the floors in gloves too.

2. Eat properly. Food has to be regular, balanced and various. Such products as cottage cheese, milk, fermented milk products, fresh vegetables, fruit, dried fruits, seafood are especially useful to beauty and durability of nails. Drink more water: clear water, tea and coffee are not considered. Besides, it is possible to spend on drink vitamin complexes which part along with other vitamins calcium is, vitamins A and E (the doctor will help to pick up vitamin complex).

3. Look after nails. Regularly (1-2 times a week) do hand baths: for example, with sea salt. Also for appearance nails baths with addition of olive oil and lemon juice are useful. Average duration of such procedure: 10-15 minutes. By the way, even if you will just wipe nails with warm olive oil and to do it regularly, you will notice positive effect soon. After bath grease hands with nutritious cream. It is regularly recommended to apply iodine on nail plate - dizenfitsirut, protects from fungus, strengthens.

4. Correctly do manicure. Cosmetologists advise to file nails always in one direction, but not to move nail file to and fro. The nail file is recommended to use glass - it very carefully files nail. It is necessary to file nails when they dry (that is to medical bath, for example, but not after). Adjust cuticle accurately, using for this purpose special means.

5. Remove varnish with means without acetone content. Do not paint nails at once as soon as have removed varnish: allow them to have a rest some time. Use quality nail varnish. You apply varnish on protective (basic) coating.

6. Use protective coatings for nails (for example, transparent enamel). There are lines of medical coverings for nails: both strengthening, and promoting growth, and nutritious, and many others. Find means which suits you, or address for consultation the cosmetologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team