Visually we increase section of eyes

Visually we increase section of eyes

There are women who are constantly not happy what was presented to them by the nature. Here and the section of eyes of some girls does not arrange at all. But, fortunately, there are ways which will help to correct this small shortcoming.

Correction of eyebrows

You constantly go on: I want to increase eyes? For a start it is necessary to work with eyebrows. It is necessary to pull out them so that external corners have been a little raised. Also properly it is necessary to remove all filaments the lower part of eyebrow and space between your eyebrows. It is possible to increase section of eyes by means of cosmetics and the correct make-up. Get shadows which will serve you for increase in section of eyes. Try to buy and use shadows only of light colors. Dark reduce eyes, and it is not necessary for you at all. Also it concerns dark pencils, light color of pencil will create more open look and will increase borders of eyes. You easily will be able not only to increase, but also to extend eyes by means of arrows.

How it is correct to do make-up to increase section of eyes?

To increase the size of eyes in length, begin to do make-up from eyeliner. Bring upper eyelid along the line of growth of eyelashes, at the same time the eyeliner has to go beyond external corner of eye. Also it is possible to lift the line of eyeliner a little up, to create so-called arrows. Then it is possible to apply shadows on eyelid, but only bed shades. Apply shadows which you have chosen on upper eyelid, in interval under eyebrows and internal corner of eye put shadows of white color. Light brown shadows cover upper part of eye-sockets. Use copper shades, all of them are brought equally a little closer to beige color. Now it is necessary to shade shadows. Do it in the direction of external corner of eye. Take white pencil and draw thin line on internal century, it will visually increase shape of eye. Try to make the line thin, and it is necessary to conduct it close to eyelashes. Visual increase in eyes by means of make-up resnitsdlya the beginnings take tweezers for wave and tighten up eyelashes a little. Use powder and soft brush process eyelashes, and only after that already you apply ink. Wait a little until the first layer of ink dries up and apply it repeatedly. It is better to buy ink which extends and emphasizes eyelashes, but it is not necessary to buy strongly saturated-black ink. Also, in exceptional cases, it is possible to use false eyelashes. Makeup artists recommend to girls to make up more eyelashes on upper eyelid, and it is necessary to apply ink on minimum on the lower cilia. It is possible to use the following method. To apply on all eyelid of shadow, but only natural shade. Well work fold of upper eyelid. Use more dark shadows of natural shade, then properly shade them that obvious transitions have not appeared. Through these simple councils you will be able visually will increase the size of your eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team