Ways of face peel: what to choose

Ways of face peel: what to choose

Health of skin depends on correctness and systematicity of care for it. For certain type there are various procedures. Purity of upper cover does not mean lack of the accumulated dirt or the died-off parts under it yet. It is possible to be engaged in cleaning of skin in house conditions or to address the expert in clinic of beauty.

It is required to you

  • - herbs;
  • - salt;
  • - soda;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - egg white;
  • - sugar.


1. Salons offer several options of face peel differing in price category, efficiency, methods of influence and to contraindications. The manual or manual method consists comedones fingers at a distance. Before the procedure the face skin is cleaned, steamed out and squeeze out core. Then skin is wiped with means for disinfection and, on it the mask narrowing pores is imposed. Such cleaning lasts about an hour. Procedure minuses – morbidity, the reddened skin and possibility of entering of infection.

2. The mechanical method is carried out similarly, comedones special shovel are only removed. Brossazhny cleaning becomes by means of various rotating brushes on the skin greased with srub. The upper layer without deep cleansing is leveled. The method is contraindicated to owners of thin skin. Vacuum cleaning is made by tube which soaks up dirt as the vacuum cleaner. Blood circulation is stimulated, small wrinkles are smoothed.

3. The chemical peeling is based on removal of pollution by acid solution. It is contraindicated to the people having eczema or dermatitis. The most effective and painless method – ultrasonic cleaning. The high-frequency wave pushes out the died-off parts, dirt from skin. The procedure of times a week is carried out.

4. In house conditions the face peel is easily made. It becomes for oily skin once a month, and 1 every two months for dry and normal. Boil ½ l of water and pour out it in the enameled bowl. Add at will grass, for example, camomile or St. John's wort. It is possible to pour a little salt and soda. Wash face milk, and, having bent over steam bath, be covered with towel. Remain in such provision of 10-15 minutes. You keep the person from water at arm's length not less than 20 cm.

5. When skin steams out, wipe it and hands with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze out accurately small pillows of forefingers comedones and at once disinfect the person the cotton wool moistened in peroxide. If the core does not give in, do not press strongly – leave on next time. After the done procedure wipe face with the tonic narrowing pores, humidify with cream or make mask.

6. In the steamed-out look skin well absorbs useful substances. There are types of cleanings which can be done to thicket once a week. These procedures which were more sparing. Mix egg white from 10 g of small sugar, slightly shake up. Put half of means on face or problem sites before full drying. You put the second half from above with the patting movements of finger-tips as if beating out dirt. When weight ceases to stick, wash away it cool water and moisturize the skin cream.

7. Make cleaning by means of salt and soda. The face is washed hot water, and then the cotton wool moistened in the water and powdered with mix, driven on the person, cleaning from pollution. All ingredients have to be fine crushing not to injure skin. Also purchased means are applied to cleaning. The main rule of any procedure is systematicity and persistence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team