Ways of narrowing of time on face

Ways of narrowing of time on face

Enlarged pores often become the reason of problems with skin. They are killed with fat and dirt that leads further to appearance of pimples. Not to start situation, in time purify skin and narrow pores.

As fat and dirt – the main enemies of time, begin skin care with clarification. After washing, skin looks much better, however it is impossible to be fond of this procedure. Purify skin twice a day. Better to clean pores, use soft massage or usual brush. Every week use srub. It will improve structure of skin and will help to get rid of dead cages which hammer face pores.

From time to time do steam baths before the procedure of clarification. Steam will help to open time and to purify skin. For strengthening of effect add officinal herbs. As soon as skin steams out, wash face warm water and get wet with towel. After that at once start the next stage.

Do not forget to moisten face, especially after clarification and peeling. Cream can perform two functions at the same time: to moisturize the skin and to narrow pores. At least once in week do face packs. This procedure will help to remove fat and dirt from time too and will reduce their size.

Use cosmetics which contains the knitting substances, for example, rosemary, calendula, hawthorn, acids and zinc.

Combine professional and house tools. House masks and infusions are most effective. Besides, by means of house procedures you not only will be able to improve condition of integuments, but also considerably will save on expenses. Branded cosmetics and saloon procedures cost expensive. Prepare mask from cosmetic clay. Green clay will help to narrow pores. It has the pulling together, drying and bactericidal effect. To purify leather from pollution, black dots and it is possible to remove toxins by means of black clay. It is most universal and will suit any type skin. White clay is often recommended, in turn, for problem skin. Any clay needs to be dissolved with water in proportion 1:1. For this purpose it is possible to use any ware except metal. Carefully mix weight and put on face for 10-20 minutes. You watch that the mask did not dry if it is necessary moisten the dried-up places with warm water.

You apply clay thick layer to skin, avoiding eye area. You should not hold mask longer than the specified time, otherwise clay will strongly overdry skin.

Wipe the T-zone with lemon juice. It will help to narrow pores and will bleach skin. The same effect will give tomato juice. Grease with it face and wait 20 minutes then wash away it water. It is possible to make tomato mask also. Take from tomato of puree and apply to skin for 10 minutes. Then wash warm water. Wipe face with ice cubes. Ice will help to cool skin and will reduce time. Except clear water it is possible to use green tea, juice, fruit and herbs. Such components as mint, lemon, linden, elder and cranberry juice are most effective. If house procedures do not help, try saloon. Experts can offer you chemical peeling with fruit acids, mechanical cleaning or laser grinding. Last procedure the most aggressive, however, and rather effective. Before deciding on any given procedure, talk to the cosmetologist.

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