Ways of wave of eyelashes

Ways of wave of eyelashes

most powerful weapon of women – eyes which are framed with the long, dense, bent eyelashes. But not all women can such brag. Therefore several ways to achieve the desirable have been thought up.

The woman wishing to have the bent eyelashes in arsenal has several opportunities to make them those. For example, by means of special ink, nippers, certain heat treatment and chemical wave. But, as well as in any business, each of these ways has pluses and minuses.

The simplest and fast method of wave of eyelashes – use of the tightening-up ink. It does not demand great efforts, expenditure and time. Shortcoming is that result quite short-term.

Nippers for giving to eyelashes of bend have deserved the love among women, the fact that they give the chance for couple of seconds to achieve desirable result, besides this way is one of the most sparing. The fact that it is necessary to apply them every day is considered shortcoming, and it badly affects health of cilia, they become thinner. Also this method directly depends on weather conditions, wind, rain and the increased humidity will nullify all efforts. At thermal wave use the special device which heats up to certain temperature and helps eyelashes to change form for longer time, but not it what would be desirable. The chemical way gives the chance to forget for a long time about problem of wave of eyelashes. At the same time hairs are wound on the roller which size depends on what length of eyelashes at you. Then they are processed by chemical composition. Duration of the procedure is about 30-40 minutes. Means which process eyelashes can decolour them therefore after this procedure they need to be painted. Besides, it is regularly necessary to carry out correction as again growing eyelashes against the background of curled look ridiculously and not accurately. Also after chemistry they need restoration. It is desirable to do course of masks on the basis of sea-buckthorn or castoric oils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team