We choose essential oils for house use

We choose essential oils for house use

oils should be chosen according to their properties and effect which they render and also the price and appearance of bottle. Before application it is necessary to carry out the sensitivity test.

On shelves in case the modern women will always have place for natural means for maintenance of beauty and health. Ecological purity and naturalness is more than ever appreciated today. Essential oils are widely applied as in cosmetology, and medicine, and in house conditions with their help it is possible to prepare anti-cellulite structure, curative bathtub, anti-inflammatory aromamedalyon, inhalations, grindings, masks and many other things.

Properties of oils

Practically all extracts received today from plants have cosmetic and hygienic properties, they are capable to change psychoemotional condition of the person and to make pharmacological impact. The flying fragrant substances provided by alcohols, aldehydes, ethers, ketones, phenols, oxides, organic acids and others are part of essential oils. Such extracts from herbs have oil consistence and the pronounced aroma characteristic of plant from which they are received. As a rule, the most part of essential oils is received from flower petals, leaves and stalks, fruits, roots and rhizomes.

How to choose essential oil

First, it is necessary to be guided by own feelings. The means smell for house use has to be pleasant and not cause rejection. Before its application it is necessary to carry out the sensitivity test. The first stage includes respiratory test: 1-2 drops of oil need to be applied on cotton ball and to inhale several times. If within the next 5-10 minutes there was no short wind, cough, dizziness or cold, then it is possible to draw conclusion that means has passed the first phase of check. At the second stage of test the means needs to be applied on the sensitive site of skin – the place behind ear, bend of elbow or wrist and to leave there for 12 hours. In pure form oil cannot be applied, having only mixed with base – for example, vegetable oil. If on incident of this time skin does not redden, will not become covered by pimples and will not itch, medicine can be used safely for preparation of cosmetic masks and creams. Choosing bottle with natural essential oil it is necessary to pay attention to its label: on it there has to be inscription 100% natural essential oil. Means has to be put into bubble from dark glass, the pipette also has to be made of the same material. The cheap price can indicate that the producer has added to expensive oil synthetic ingredients or inexpensive – base oils. The easiest way to define it – to drip a little funds for the sheet of paper. Availability of fat spot after evaporation is not allowed. And the last criterion consists in the choice of properties of oil: in the instruction to medicine it is always specified what effect it has and in what cases it is applied. According to it it is also worth making the choice.

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