We do the Piglet smooth and soft: leaving bases

We do the Piglet smooth and soft: leaving bases

The well-groomed woman always remembers details and knows the true value of beautiful skin. And therefore pays special attention even to those parts of the body which are easy for hiding from public eyes by means of clothes or footwear. But, if we see the well-groomed woman in warm summer day, then in conclusion the look by all means will touch her heels - in search of final point of confirmation of faultlessness of image.

Important condition, besides basic care, is its regularity. Leaving has to be daily. Following this simple and unfatiguing rule, you will achieve constant positive result and will not be afraid of emergence of ugly cracks on heels. The analysis of food will be the next moment. It has to be balanced and include all necessary vitamins and minerals. Eat more seasonal vegetables and fruit, during the maturing these gifts of the nature are most filled with nutrients.

Except violations in food and the shortages of vitamins, the skin fungus, gastritis, diseases of kidneys or endocrine system can be the cause of emergence of cracks on heels. If at daily leaving and observance of hygienic procedures skin on the Piglet remains rough and continues to burst, see doctor. Perhaps, the organism thus signals about failure in work of any body.

The procedure of daily care for heels has to be approximately following:

1. Prepare foot bathtub. Water temperature has to be 36-38 C. It is possible to add sea salt, broths of herbs, skin or special means for foot bathtubs which have the weakening effect on feet, softens skin, preparing it for peeling process.

2. Rough pumice accurate movements remove the coarsened parts of skin.

3. Remove with srub for legs smaller parts of the coarsened skin. For end of the peeling effect use pumice with small texture to level skin the Piglet.

4. Rinse foot clear water.

5. Well rub off them towel and apply nutritious foot cream. After the procedure it is possible to put on special cotton socks to allow skin to absorb cream.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be able easily to maintain beauty of skin the Piglet and to keep the image faultless!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team