We grow thin by means of wrappings. Combustion of fat red pepper

The female body is always accompanied by fat deposits. It is put by the nature. But in conditions when the woman leads inactive life or abuses sweet, flour, densely eats before going to bed, there is increase in its weight, the figure is distorted, begins to stick out fat. It not only is ugly, but also it is dangerous from the medical point of view. Wrappings with red pepper are capable to reduce the number of fat deposits.

All fat stocks collect in hypodermic fat layer and around internals. If sides were rounded and the waist has disappeared, then fat surrounds both kidneys, and liver, and other bodies. It is necessary to fight against excess fat with double diligence. Red pepper perfectly will help with fight on combustion of fat. This hot spice is capable not only to improve tastes of food, but also to promote splitting of fat in skin cells. Red pepper is used also in the cosmetic purposes. To grow thin with red pepper it is healthy and effective!

The principle of its action is based on splitting by pepper of the fat balls of fat which have filled skin cells. Wrapping with application of red pepper promotes improvement of metabolism in cages and circulation in fat layer of skin. Thereof there is strengthened sweating, and together with the emitted liquid also extra kilos are lost.

For carrying out wrappings with red pepper there are contraindications. It is necessary to consult with the expert.

To owners of gentle, thin skin or in the presence of small scratches or irritation, it is better to refuse such wrapping. Pepper causes strong irritant action, and in the conditions of sweating when skin pores are open, it is possible to get burn. So, everything needs to be done moderately and according to the recipe. Even it is always possible to find time in house conditions to make wrapping with red pepper. Mix for wrapping is prepared from two tablespoons of chili powder mixed with one tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 50 ml of olive oil and several drops of essential oils at choice. Perfectly essential oil of orange, grapefruit, bergamot, tea tree, cinnamon approaches. All needs to be mixed well. To apply with shovel on problem zones. It is stomach, buttocks, sides, forearms, riding breeches. To be wound carefully with food wrap and to put on warm clothes. If there is opportunity, then it is possible to be wrapped up also in warm blanket. Main objective: to start the sweating mechanism. This mask gives amazing fat-burning effect.

Wrappings with red pepper promote fat splitting.

The procedure needs to be done every other day 10-15 times. Duration is 30 minutes. Then the mask is washed away and apply any cream with appointment - for weight loss. To resupply the lost liquid, it is necessary using green tea for weight loss with ginger. In two weeks of the shooter of scales will spread down. There is also other option of the mix not only burning fat, but also improving condition of skin. It is necessary to take white clay 3 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of pepper red, coffee 2 tablespoons. To mix and part in 100 ml of water. To apply on legs, stomach, buttocks. To turn back food wrap, to put on warm linen and to be heated! The effect is reached after 20 minutes. Then the mask is washed away under shower. Weight loss cream is applied on dry body. The mask can do 2 times a week. The number of procedures is unlimited. It is necessary to consider: ‒ availability of allergy ‒ disease – varicosity ‒ heart failure, urolithic disease ‒ female diseases and pregnancy ‒ injuries of skin. In the presence of these indications the wrapping with red pepper is limited. It is necessary to be guided by own feelings, not to try to overcome itself, following the instruction. It is better to look for other methods of combustion of fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team