We treat problem skin activated carbon: curative mask from greasy luster and pimples

We treat problem skin activated carbon: curative mask from greasy luster and pimples

Activated carbon – good adsorbent. He acts as the magnet attracting to itself various impurity, toxins, pollution. Most often activated carbon is used in cases of emergence of problems with digestive tract, for example at indigestions and food poisonings. The same properties allow to apply it in cosmetology.

Curative mask with activated carbon and medomprimeneniye of activated carbon in cosmetology it is based on its ability to extend toxins and dirt from skin. It helps organism to cope with the bacteria causing pimples saves from excessive skin oiliness. Cosmetics on the basis of activated carbon can be bought in special salons and shops. But the effective cosmetic mask can be prepared and independently.

Working with activated carbon, do not forget that it can leave dirty spots on hands and even clothes. Be accurater. It is possible to wash away them then just soap.

For this mask it will be required to you:

- 1 tsps of activated carbon, pounded in powder; - 1 tsp of pink water (if there is no pink, it is possible just boiled water);

- 1 tsps of juice of aloe belief (if this plant is not at your place, you can buy gel in drugstore); - 5-6 drops of essential oil of tea tree; - sea salt on knife tip. Mix all these ingredients in cup and at once thin layer put on face. Wash away mask after it dries. Such mask gets deeply into skin pores and well cleans it, removes surplus of fat, helps to remove black dots. First of all, it is shown to people with oily skin of the person with large time. Musk needs to put on face two times a week within month. After that - once a week for prevention. Srub mask with activated carbon and medomdlya prevention of pimples it is possible to use once a week srub mask for clarification of the person. It will be required to you: - 2 tablets of activated carbon; - 1 tsps of juice of aloe belief or gel; - 1 tsps of liquid honey; - 1 tsps of granulated sugar; - 1 tsps of water. Fill in activated carbon with water and in 2-3 minutes when water completely is absorbed, add juice (or gel) aloe belief, honey and sugar. Mix all ingredients and by means of brush put on face. In half an hour when the mask dries, wash away everything clear water. The mask with activated carbon on basis zhelatinadlya this mask will be required to you: - 1 tsps of white clay; - 1 tablet of activated carbon pounded in powder; - 1 tablespoons of milk; - 1 tsps of gelatin. Mix clay and activated carbon. Add warm milk to mix and in the turned-out gruel fill up gelatin. Well mix everything and let's infuse under cover of 20 minutes. Heat mix on water bath to full dissolution of gelatin. Apply ready mask with thin layer on problem places. In 25-30 minutes wash away mask cool water.

This mask can be used for any type of skin. However before application hold it testing for lack of allergic reaction. Put a little funds for bend of elbow and wait 24 hours.

If masks do not help to get rid completely of pimples, cosmetologists suggest to accept activated carbon also inside. Hazardous substances, toxins, slags which get together with food into stomach and intestines and are late there, are the reason of problems with skin. Cleaning of digestive tract by means of activated carbon helps to cope with pimples. But consultation of the expert as together with hazardous substances the organism will leave also useful components (proteins, fats, vitamins, microelements) is necessary for such treatment, and it can lead to other, more serious problems.

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