Wedding hairstyles on long hair

Wedding hairstyles on long hair

Beautiful wedding hairstyles from long hair it is easy to make with own hands. Arm with nippers, the hair dryer and hair curlers and also various cosmetics and jewelry for hair. You can create cascades of curls, do plaits or erect magnificent bunches on the head. The main thing - that the hairstyle was combined with the person, make-up and bridal outfit.

Wedding hairstyles do not submit to swift-flowing fashion. Laying in retro style, the volume chignons dismissed on back curls - at wedding everything is appropriate. Try that the hairstyle was not only beautiful, but also durable - you should dance, pose on photo, to receive congratulations, embraces and kisses of the family and friends. The laying made by the professional or created with own hand has to take out all difficulties and pleasures of your most important day without problems.

Laying from plaits

This unusual hairstyle very beautifully looks on fair hair. It perfectly is in harmony with plain long dress in classical style. Effective interlacings allow to do without veil or hat - as ornament decorative pins or small artificial flowers will approach.

Wash up hair, dry phenom. Wavy locks can be extended the iron, having added them gloss and ideal smoothness. On the top separate triangular lock of hair, helping themselves the hairbrush handle. Twist lock clockwise, since the left side. Smoothly translate the twirled plait to the right. Holding it with one hand, another separate lock at the right temple and attach it to turning. Continue to twist plait - hair will lay down rings. Conduct lock to the left and connect it to portion of hair at the left ear. Translating plait in different directions, in the small portions attach to it the remained hair.

We subdue curls

Wavy long hair can be twisted and laid in high hairstyle which will be perfectly in harmony with veil. Moisten dry locks with spray for laying and wind on hair curlers of the average size. Let's curls dry and accurately remove hair curlers.

Curls can be wound by means of electric nippers or the hair styler.

Divide the turned-out curls into six parts, leave front part of hair free. Twirl each lock in plait. Raise one of the twirled curls on nape, curtail in the form of the eight and fix by hairpins. Also lay the second occipital lock. Then lay the eight the curls located at the left and on the right. Curtail the free ends rings and pin. Sprinkle laying by varnish.

For fixing of curls use small hairpins in hair color.

Twist front part of hair electronippers and sprinkle varnish. Accurately cast away curls back, slightly smooth brush and collect on the top, having pinned up hairpins. Once again record hairstyle varnish. Pin veil on nape - front part of hair has to remain open.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team