What advantage and harm is done by sunbed

What advantage and harm is done by sunbed

Use services of sunbed both men and women, and teenagers. Especially demand for these services increases in the spring when down-padded coats and coat go to far corner of case, and after shopping in clothes appear pair of new jackets with deep cut.

But, except supporters of artificial suntan there are also ardent opponents convinced that visits of sunbed do irreparable harm to health. To adjoin the part of the population which is regularly visiting sunbeds or to her opponents, for a start it is necessary to study information which will help to make the decision.

Doctors at some diseases at adults and children recommend trips to the South. All know that acceptance of solar bathtubs in small amounts is useful as the organism receives the necessary dose of vitamin D, and the immune system becomes stronger.

During suntan under lamps with ultra-violet radiation the speech about any vitamin and the more so favorable impact on the immune system does not go. But by means of sunbed, especially in short winter days, it is possible to help itself to overcome depression as ultraviolet promotes production of hormones of joy – endorphines.

If the trip to one of tropical countries is planned, then it is previously possible to visit several times sunbed that skin has slightly sunbathed, to thereby secure itself against burns in the first day of stay on vacation under the hot sun.

Process of presenilation of skin, and, as a result manifestation of wrinkles, during suntan in sunbed is more active, than at natural suntan as ultraviolet rays from lamps get into skin more deeply and more intensively influence elastin and collagen.

If the person takes the hormonal drugs or antibiotics, suntan in sunbed can provoke emergence of pigmental spots. Each girl and the woman before the first campaign in sunbed should visit the oncologist and the mammologist for exception of any possibility of development of gynecologic diseases, disease of skin or breast.

If the doctor not strongly recommends to sunbathe in sunbed, it is necessary to listen as with predisposition to female diseases or diseases of skin the ultraviolet can provoke disease, accelerate development and complicate its course and also promote regeneration of consolidation in malignant tumor.

It is necessary to approach process of artificial suntan very seriously. Before the procedure it is necessary to take an interest at the worker of sunbed as the lamp as after 400 watch of service the lamp becomes unsuitable has long worked and lets out the beams which are adversely operating on tissue of mammary gland. If the girl or the woman in breast have silicone implants, then time of stay in sunbed decreases for 5 minutes in comparison with all others.

It is necessary to remember all the time as suntan is short-lived the health, and bad consequences can remain for a long time or forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team