What are hairstyles on one side

What are hairstyles on one side

There is big variety of asymmetric hairstyles with the hair which are falling down on one shoulder. Having learned to do one of them, you will be able to model on its basis new hairstyles to the taste.

Old hairstyles in a new way

The simplest hairstyle with hair on one side is the braid. It it will be very beautiful to look on equal and heavy shock. For its weaving the hair are divided into parting in the middle in one part of the head and combed down on the other hand. After that the hard braid which is fixed by elastic band in tone to hair, or decorated with rhinestones is braided. At foundation of the spit behind it is necessary to fix hair by invisible beings.

Gracefully and eternally fashionable hairstyle the wound curls are. But if to lay them on one side, the hairstyle will take absolutely new, graceful form, favourably opening shoulder and neck. It is possible to wind curls by means of the curling iron or on hair curlers. Spread each curl on the same party. After you process thus all shock, from curls below twist plait, kind of braiding cone from two locks where you take every second curl from below from free hair. In the lower part of the head, under the bulk of hair fix the turned-out plait by the invisible beings who are put on crosswisely at each other. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish for laying.

Womanly bunch on one side

The bunch fixed on one side can become elegant evening hairstyle. The first stage is distribution of hair on hair parting, as well as in the previous option. Then hair gather in tail in the lower part of the head sideways. If hair dense and long, them it is possible to braid to the spit and to slightly fluff up it, having pulled for edges of each link. So will easier work with further modeling of hairstyle. If hair of average length and rare, then them it is necessary to wind on the curling iron or hair curlers. Then hair twist, forming bunch, and are fixed by hairpins. It is better to varnish hair for longer effect. Large polymer clay flowers or decorative hairpins with Venetian pearl will become appropriate accent of hairstyle. There is also original option of execution of the previous hairstyle. It will suit owners of hair with light, wavy structure. After distribution of hair to hair parting, begin to do plait on horizontal line so that its lower part was closed, and upper accepted in each link lock from shock of free hair. As weaving on the one hand – the ordinary spit, and with another – cone. The braid needs to be begun with that party where the hair parting is located. Without reaching opposite ear, you dopletit free braid and fix it by thin elastic band in tone. Wind the remained unused locks and together with braid fix them in volume bunch. Fix by invisible beings and sprinkle varnish. You also can doplest braid as cone, having included all hair in hairstyle. Such option is appropriate and beautiful if your hair of sufficient length that the braided braid at turn of the head remained on shoulder, but did not leave back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team