What are unusual ways of hair dressing

What are unusual ways of hair dressing

Usually girls for hair dressing use standard set of means: these are varnishes and mousses for laying, the hair dryer, nippers, iron for hair, hair curlers. But thermal influence harms hair, hair curlers demand a lot of time, and with one varnish and hairbrush it is difficult to create beautiful hairstyle. But there are unusual and effective ways of laying which not only do not spoil hair, but also help to give to hairstyle original form.

Braids for hair dressing

All new is well forgotten old. Why to use hair curlers, to wind hair on hot nippers and to try to create by means of round hairbrush and foam of wave when it is possible to use old, even ancient way which was known still set of centuries back and was for certain used by you in the childhood? It is necessary just to braid before going to bed braids – their quantity depends on effect which you want to receive. If very magnificent hairstyle with small curls is necessary, then it is necessary to braid some of thin, but very dense braids. The effect of carelessly uncombed, slightly wavy hair will be given by two braids which are leaky braided for the night.

Tips of hair remain straight lines therefore it is desirable to twist them or by means of small hair curlers, or nippers. And not to spoil hair, it is possible to twist and fix tip around elastic band on the end of braid.

It is necessary to braid braids for hair dressing after you dry up and you will carefully comb hair. It is also desirable to use some means for laying that the result kept longer.

Interesting results turn out if to experiment with braids: to braid the French braid or fish tail.

Laying by means of sock

At first sight this way seems silly, unusual and even strange, but girls who use it, any more never change laying by means of sock. It very quickly, simply and effectively, as a result turn out magnificent, beautiful hairstyle with large curls. Take knitted long sock, cut off its end from fingers and twist it in thick elastic band. Make high tail of hair, having fixed them by elastic band, raise tail upward, apply the twisted sock and gradually wrap in it hair, straightening sock and distributing locks. The effective bunch in the form of plait which can quite be carried as independent hairstyle turns out. But that beautiful laying has turned out, it is necessary to resemble or leave several hours sock for the night. Then carefully untwist sock and let hair down – the result will be tremendous, especially if to straighten locks the fingers moistened in hair gel.

Wave fingers

If near at hand there are no hair curlers, it is possible to use instead of them the fingers. Comb hair, moisten them with water, put skin and, separating on one lock, twist them in ring on finger. Then carefully remove each ringlet and pin up on the head invisible beings. Wait some time until the hairstyle dries up, then remove hairpins and untwist ringlets. This way, unlike previous, is suitable also for short hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team