What clay helps from cellulitis

What clay helps from cellulitis

Natural natural clay – one of the most effective remedies in fight against cellulitis. Not the main, and auxiliary means, but very effective. Success of disposal of cellulitis for 30% depends on what clay and how to apply.

Blue, black and white

Clay blue, black and white is recognized as the most effective. They contain huge number of useful microelements which cure various skin diseases and have curative effect not only on upper, but also on deeper layers of epidermis. Clay practically has no contraindications, at its use cannot come overdoses – the organism will take exactly so many substances how many it is necessary for it from clay. Clay can be used in fight against cellulitis in various ways. The most effective – wrappings. They are done not only in salon, but also by houses. All you need is – roll of food wrap and clay.

Wrappings need to be done regularly, every three days, for three months, courses on 10 wrappings. Besides wrappings it is recommended to do massage and to take baths with clay addition.

How does blue clay struggle with cellulitis? Slowly but surely. It tones up skin, levels it, improves metabolism, removes excess liquid and slags with toxins, normalizes blood circulation, adsorbs skin fat, purifies skin, tightens and improves its color. Blue clay contains sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iodine, magnesium and manganese. Black clay deletes the keratosic cages, normalizes lymph flow, activates process of metabolism, removes slags and toxins, removes inflammations and nourishes skin, saturating it with silicon, calcium, iron, magnesium and other elements. It is especially good to use black clay at oily skin with pronounced porosity. White clay is recommended for sensitive skin. It smoothes skin, calms irritations, softens, adjusts lymph flow. It contains in significant amounts zinc, calcium, silicon, magnesium.


For increase in efficiency of the procedure of wrappings and strengthening of effect of clay it is recommended to add essential oils to it. Clay pours out in ceramic or glass capacity, gets divorced warm water to consistence of dense gruel, 3-5 cellulitis drops of essential oil are added to it. The structure is applied on the places affected with cellulitis and everything is wrapped up with food wrap. Wrapping lasts usually from 40-up to 60 minutes. They are recommended to be carried out lying under blanket. For wrappings it is possible to use all three types of clay, but best of all white and blue. Blue and black clay is ideal for massage. The massage structure is preparing, as well as for wrappings. Before massage it is desirable to take hot bath or to steam out skin in sauna. Anti-cellulite bathtubs do with white and black clay. On one bathtub 5 kg of clay will be required. Water has to be not above +40 °C, it is necessary to take bath 20-30 minutes.

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