What color of blush will suit all

What color of blush will suit all

Blush – product not for coloring of cheeks in any shade, and means for light-and-shade correction of oval. It is often possible to meet women who do not know how to use this product and draw unclear spots on the face. To avoid similar painting, it is worth learning what color of blush suits all.


  1. Universal shades of blush those which are as close as possible to skin color. When choosing product it is necessary to consider one – dark blush on blondes looks vulgarly, and on brunettes – is gloomy. But also too light tone do swarty skin faded and if to take cold shade for honey skin, then it will make old her owner. It would seem, vicious circle.
  2. The alternative decision uniform warm color of become blush which almost on all women shows to advantage can. Treats such shades peach, strawberry, gentle-pink, chocolate and bronze.
  3. How to be with skin of cold type? Warm blush can contrast with natural pigment of the person and emphasize shortcomings.
  4. There is a solution are a universal bronzing ball blush for all. Any compact monophonic means will not be able to give such effect as they. At mixture of different pigments - pink, brown, chocolate, bronze - unique color which goes all turns out.
  5. Considerable role is played also by product formula – cheap blush lays down pieces and does not adapt to skin shade. The so-called bronzing blush merges with pigment of the person, giving it easy shine and unique color.
  6. Also when choosing shade it is necessary to consider age – women after 35-40 should not be fond of bright and dark blush. Even swarty mature skin will begin to shine freshness if to apply pink or peach pigment on it.
  7. It is important how to put universal shades of blush. You should not rub strongly them in the middle of cheeks, creating association with beet flush. For easy light-and-shade correction it is enough to cover with blush area under cheekbones and to slightly shade shade. Such equipment renders the rejuvenating and refreshing effect.
  8. Natural blush for all peach or pink shade can look differently depending on intensity of make-up. For day image it is enough to concern brush of apples of cheeks to recover tone of the person. For evening role it is necessary to work, creating soft modulations on cheekbones and temples.
  9. Selecting universal blush, try to avoid cold beet shades and hot brick and orange pigment. Similar colors are used only in scenic make-up and can spoil appearance in daily life.
  10. So, blush for all is the natural shade of peach or strawberry put in moderate quantity and correctly shaded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team