What color of lipstick has to be on your lips

What color of lipstick has to be on your lips

Color of lipstick should be chosen depending on your person, only this way it will be combined with your type of appearance. It is necessary to consider tone of skin, color of eyes, shades of clothes and other factors.


  1. Gloss and translucent lipsticks suit almost each person therefore choosing lipsticks of such color, you can safely buy them.
  2. Each woman knows that the day make-up significantly differs from evening. It is characterized by lighter and gentle tones therefore in the afternoon color of lipstick has to be several tones lighter or is more dark than your lips, and in the evening - more juicy and bright.
  3. Girls with light skin should choose lipsticks of light shades. It can be pink, beige, plum colors whereas owners of more swarty skin have to choose golden, brown and peach tone.
  4. One more factor when choosing lipstick is color of your hair. Here it is possible to expand framework when choosing. So, the color of your hair is brighter, the more brightly you are able to afford lipstick. But also it is necessary not to forget about skin color.
  5. The huge role when choosing color of lipstick is played by color of eyes. Lipstick can or emphasize expressiveness of your eyes, or on the contrary make them ordinary-looking. If you have brown eyes, safely choose red, scarlet and cherry colors if you have blue eyes, it is worth choosing more gentle colors - beige, light pink, and here if you have green and gray eyes, you most likely will suit peach, coral colors.
  6. Choose lipstick to match of your accessories, so you will look effectively and considerably, also you will seem more tidily. Besides selection of accessories it is possible to make up nails in similar color.
  7. If you have thin lips, try to choose gloss if chubby, lipsticks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team