What color will be from basma

What color will be from basma

Basma – the natural paint received from plants. It intends for coloring of hair in dark shades. The options of color received when coloring basmy vary from light chestnut to pitch black.

Basma was long since applied in the cosmetic purposes. Coloring of basmy adds to hair gloss and strengthens them. Natural tannins and vitamins are part of basma.

What color will be from basma? It depends on hold time of paint on hair and on mixing proportions with henna. The initial hair color also plays large role. It is not recommended to apply this paint in pure form – the basma can give greenish shade. Most often the basma is mixed with natural henna. The color which you want to receive is more dark, the more has to be basma in relation to henna and the it is longer necessary to hold mix on hair.

Before making up all head test recipe for basma on separate lock. If color has turned out such what you also wanted – coloring can start.

As the strengthening mask the basma is held by no more than five minutes. To receive subtle shade, dye is held on hair of 30-60 minutes, for obtaining more saturated color time of coloring should be increased till 2-3 o'clock. Light-chestnut color will turn out if to mix 1 part of basma and one part of henna and to put for 30-60 minutes. The chestnut shade can achieve, having mixed henna and basma in proportion 1:2. To hold paint 1-1.5 hours. The bronze shade of hair will turn out when mixing 2 parts of henna and one part of basma. Coloring time 1.5 hours. The recipe of chocolate color is more difficult. It is necessary to add four teaspoons of ground coffee to the henna and basma mixed in equal parts. Instead of water it is necessary to use white wine. Coloring time 2 - 2.5 hours. To receive saturated black hair color, two procedures are carried out. At first coloring of hair henna, and then basmy becomes. Other recipe of black color – to take two parts of basma, one part of henna and to add 3-4 teaspoons of beet juice. Coloring time 3 hours.

In order that color when coloring was fixed better, the painting gruel needs to be warmed up on water bath. After drawing on hair the polyethylene hat puts on, and the towel from above is reeled up. It is impossible to wash the head after coloring two more days. During this time color will be fixed and will become more saturated. To apply basma on hair evenly it will turn out if to add glycerin, shampoo or broth of flax to mix. If after coloring of hair too dark color has turned out, then it is possible to clarify slightly it by means of water with vinegar or lemon juice. Basma it is possible not only to paint, but also to treat hair. Effects which the basma gives: elimination of dandruff, strengthening of hair, giving of gloss, increase in growth rate of hair. Not to overdry hair, it is necessary to add spoon of olive oil to the painting mix.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team