What cosmetics is chosen by stars

What cosmetics is chosen by stars

carefully care for the appearance. Their chief assistants in this hard business – plastic surgery and cosmetics. The last often get out intuitively or under the advertizing contract, and then become favourite products.

Favourite cosmetics

The designer, the singer, the trend setter and mother Victoria Beckham prefers some of the most expensive means. Favourite cosmetics of star are products of the La Praire brand. Beckham shows special respect to special anti-aging filler for century. This medicine perfectly copes with dark circles, moisturizes and levels the skin.

Julia Roberts prefers natural beauty. Always to be on the ball, the actress devotes much time to face skin care. From brands she gives preference to Lancôme long ago. Means of the French brand completely satisfy exacting taste of celebrity.

The actress Evan Rachelle Wood carefully controls whiteness of the skin. The girl does not sunbathe, and chooses face treatments with obligatory protection. Favourite product of star is cream from the brand of Shiseido which deeply humidifies and creates barrier to sunshine. Favourite cosmetic of Cortney Cox is lipstick. The actress chooses author's developments from brands. For example, Cox has the whole series of lipsticks from the model Jozie Maran, and the best lip gloss, according to the actress, Laura Mercier makes. It should be noted that the Mercier brand is preferred also by the colleague Cortney Cox Salma Hayek. Blake Lavli La Mer cosmetics help to keep natural beauty to the actress. By recognition of the star girl in its arsenal there is practically all line of this outstanding brand. From decorative cosmetics favourite product of Lavli calls lipsticks of rich colors from Yves Saint Laurent. Always vprekrasno to look the top model and the TV host Heidi Klum watches closely the skin. But the star admits that sometimes on face the treacherous gloss acts. Several years Klum copes with it by means of the Japanese matting Tatcha napkins. This product is created manually according to ancient recipes of beauty.

Attention to hair

Jennifer Aniston's hair repeatedly were recognized as the most magnificent and beautiful Hollywood. The actress should look after carefully them, the nature has awarded it curling, but not direct head of hear. Help to maintain the corporate style to star two cosmetics: mousse from Paul Mitchell and salty Surf Spray from the Bumble&Bumble brand. Hair of stars often are exposed to aggressive influences. They are dried, put various means for styling, braided in difficult hairstyles. For this reason the singer Ferdzhi nightly pays much attention to the head of hear. At first it carefully deletes all put products, and then does mask of the Moroccan oil (MaroccanOil). It leaves it on all night long, and in the morning washes away shampoo. Hair become silk, brilliant and obedient.

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