What cream can increase breast

What cream can increase breast

increase breast, the women dissatisfied with the size of own bust resort to various tricks, the simplest and safe of which – wearing special linen, and the most radical – plastic surgery. However not everyone decides to address surgeons, and linen only creates effect of curvy shapes, without increasing at the same time breast at all. Therefore the various cosmetics promising to add to bust the size - another, become more and more popular – it is necessary only to make choice.

Advertizing of many creams and gels promises noticeable increase in breast, however actually these means possess only the tightening action or strengthen blood circulation in the field of drawing at the expense of what the breast rises a little, skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, takes healthier and well-groomed form. At the same time means has no noticeable effect on breast tissues, mammary glands do not begin to grow. Effect of such creams is extremely short, but the necessary effect is reached for several applications.

There are means capable to influence synthesis of fatty tissue – they really increase breast, do its contours more attractive and roundish. Most often them is part volyufilin – extract of Asian gardenia.

Creams which main active ingredient is phytoestrogen – vegetable components, on properties similar to women's hormones are most effective. Such means – the real rescue for women in whose organism the natural level of estrogen is lowered. Phytoestrogen stimulates growth of breast and improves condition of skin. As a rule, extracts of hop or puerariya are part of such means (tropical plant from family of bean).

It is better to buy creams for increase in breast in drugstores or in specialized shops – only this way it is possible to guarantee quality control of means, in particular, to concentration of active ingredients. Products of doubtful producers at best will be inefficient, in the worst – are unhealthy.

Even the best cream will not make the fourth of the first size – only the plastic surgery is capable of it. Usually producers promise increase in bust measurement by several centimeters – on one size, is extremely rare – on two. You should not wait for fast effect – effect of cream becomes noticeable at least in two months. On average achievement of the goal requires 3-4 months. At the same time the breast occasionally is required – to smear daily use of cream and to wait when the habitual bra at last becomes small, senselessly.

Action of means continues only until the woman regularly uses it. The termination of drawing involves fast return of breast to initial state.

It is not recommended to apply creams with phytoestrogen to young girls whose period of puberty is not finished finally yet, and to nonparous young women in order to avoid violation of hormonal balance. Consultation of the mammologist is as a last resort recommended. Creams with phytoestrogen or stimulators of synthesis of fatty tissue differ in high cost. If to consider that achievement of effect requires either prolonged regular use, or cream combination to other means from the same series – serums, gels, ointments designed to accelerate increase in bust – the total costs can quite be compared to the cost of plastic surgery.

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