What cream will save from extensions during pregnancy

What cream will save from extensions during pregnancy

Striya, or extensions which can appear on body during pregnancy – current problem for many future mothers. It is much easier to prevent this cosmetic defect, than then to get rid of it. For prevention of extensions the modern cosmetology and medicine offer many various creams. It is necessary only to choose the most effective and suitable for you.


1. Prepare skin of stomach and hips from first weeks of pregnancy for additional loadings, applying cream from extensions and light massage. These procedures will increase elasticity of skin, will prevent emergence of striya or will reduce their quantity and depth. Skin consists of three layers: epidermis, shit and hypodermic. Stretching occurs on average layer – term, responsible for elasticity. With gradual growth of stomach of fabric also connecting fibers stretch, without having sustained loading, begin to be torn, reducing elasticity of skin. Crimson hems on the fabrics noticeable and not esthetic are result of it.

2. Use cream from extensions daily. Only this way you will be able to prevent emergence of striya. If you have missed the moment, and extensions have already appeared on your skin, you will need consultation of the doctor. But also in this case do not stop to use cream. It will help to reduce problems to possible minimum. The main task of this means – skin nourishment and stimulation of regenerative processes. At insufficient stiriya skin care will become more noticeable over time, and this cosmetic defect will remain with you for the rest of life.

3. Buy cream in drugstore, specialized shop, having consulted previously with the obstetrician-gynecologist. Choose cream from known, proved in the international market, producers.

4. Always choose cream of the narrow direction – namely, from extensions for pregnant women. Only these cream are developed taking into account all necessary conditions for food and moistening of skin of the pregnant woman.

5. Notice that the efficiency of cream depends on contents in it the softening substances, such as jojoba oil and shi, and the substances stimulating blood circulation. Besides, at cream there have to be collagen, vitamins and amino acids. Cream from extensions surely has to contain Retinolum (true vitamin A). It humidifies the surface of skin and does not get deeply inside that important at pregnancy.

6. You have to like cream smell since sensitivity to aromas at future mothers, as a rule, raised throughout pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team