What curls to choose for New year

What curls to choose for New year

In anticipation of New year of the woman try to think over the wonderful image to trifles. Not the last place in this question is taken also by hairstyle. That hair looked more dense and more volume as at Barbie, it is possible to wind curls.

Curls spirals. These are curls which remind in form of spiral or corkscrew thanks to the round small curls. Such hairstyle can be created by means of hair curlers or the curling iron. Clean hair should be sprinkled laying means. Diameter of hair curlers has to be the smallest, as for the curling iron, it has to be thin too. After you wind hair, distribute locks hands that they lay exactly to each other, sprinkle hairstyle varnish for fixing.

Negligent curls. They can be received by means of the diffuser, use spray for thermoprotection. Dry up hair, but in order that the hairstyle has turned out negligent as if you have walked downwind, do not use means of fixing.

Hollywood wave. To receive uniform wave, it is necessary to dry up hair by means of brush that they have turned out smooth and silky. Hair should be halved, then on one party to separate the most part of hair, wind, since it. The curling iron has to be conical. Curls have to lie towards the person. As soon as wind locks, at once do not comb them, let will a little cool down. Then take flat hairbrush with small teeths and carry out without abrupt movements, exactly on hair. You can take smaller part of hair the invisible being behind that she did not drop out forward. Surely record everything hairspray and means for additional gloss. The more your hair will shine, the wave will look more smartly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team