What daily norm of hair loss

What daily norm of hair loss

Hair have life cycle. When the hair perishes, on its place appears new that leads to loss of the obsolete hair. Therefore there is natural daily loss of hair.


  1. Among healthy hair always 10-15% make the hair ready to drop out. At different people the average value can strongly differ. In theories, hair of men are updated quicker therefore drops out them more. Sometimes, for example, in winter time or in the early spring when the organism is in the weakened state and suffers from avitaminosis, loss can amplify on quite natural causes. In this case the option of norm can increase a little.
  2. Initially the density of hair directly depends on genetics. This indicator is put in DNA of the person and has individual character. And than hair are more dense, that respectively more them will drop out.
  3. The number of the dropping-out hair depends also on what pigment they comprise. For example, at owners of dark hair the process of loss will be most noticeable. While blondes and blondes though possess less dense head of hear, in day lose the smaller number of hair.
  4. The norm of hair loss is 60-100 pieces a day that about 0.003% of total equal. If you kazhdyyden lose hair in these limits, then there is no reason for nervousness. On places of the dropped-out hair new will grow. But if the number of the dropping-out hair exceeds admissible norm and increasing number of follicles passes into the sleeping state, and new hair do not grow, seriously think of identification and treatment of the reasons of this problem which quite often is in your organism.
  5. The stress can be one of the causes of intensive hair loss. During strong emotional experiences or overfatigue the vessels located under hair are narrowed, and rush of blood to them becomes less. Influences condition of hair and lack of vitamins B organism. See to the emotional state and way of life. Any shampoo will not recover your hair as the correct feed of organism from within. The hair loss can provoke intake of some medicines, strengthening of function of thyroid gland or other hormonal failure.
  6. At women too hard hairstyle, hair extension or weaving of small braids can lead to intensive hair loss. These actions break blood-groove and do harm to hair. Alternate hairstyles more often. Limit use of hair dryers and irons. Hot air does hair brittle and dry. Remember that you should not comb wet hair. They are too brittle for this purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team