What difference between epilation and depilation

What difference between epilation and depilation

The epilation and depilation differ first of all with the approach to removal of undesirable hair on body. When holding procedure of depilation only the upper part of hair is removed, and the epilation allows to remove it entirely.

It is required to you

  • Razor, hair removal cream, wax, electroepilator.


1. Depilation - process of removal of undesirable hair on body. At the same time becomes possible to remove only that their part which acts over the surface of skin. For holding this procedure use the razor or hair removing cream. Use only high-quality safety razors and always moisturize the skin before shaving.

2. Remember that removal of hair by means of the razor provokes their growth. At the same time they become more dark and more dense. Besides, shaving gives very short-term effect. For this reason modern cosmetologists advise to pick up more effective and safe methods of depilation.

3. During removal of hair by means of depilatory creams use only quality cosmetic products. Before application apply a little cream on internal surface of elbow bend. If within 10-15 minutes there were no allergic reactions, can apply cream on those sites from which it is necessary to depilate. Precisely follow the instruction laid to cream. At non-compliance with hold time of structure on skin it can cause the severe allergy.

4. Remember that after depilation of hair cream it is not necessary to sunbathe in the sun or in sunbed within 12 hours. Holding this procedure will save you from undesirable vegetation on body for only 5-7 days then you should repeat process.

5. To get rid of hair for longer term, try to replace depilation with epilation. The effect of it remains within several weeks. It becomes possible thanks to removal or total destruction of hair bulbs.

6. The most widespread type of epilation - removal of hair wax. Register in the similar procedure in beauty shop or buy wax and execute epilation in house conditions. It is rather painful, but the effect of it exceeds all expectations. To lower pain, it is possible to steam out body shortly before epilation, to wipe some of its sites with the special cream reducing sensitivity of skin.

7. You can get special electroepilator which is very convenient for using in house conditions. In spite of the fact that it costs rather much, such way of removal of hair is considered economic as the term of operation of the household appliance very long.

8. To get rid of undesirable hair once and for all, register in the procedure of photoepilation or laser epilation in beauty shop. For only several sessions the hair bulbs will collapse and hair will cease to grow.

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