What doctor treats nails

What doctor treats nails

Problems with nails are very widespread phenomenon today. The weakened immunity, fungal diseases, bad hygiene and other factors lead to pathologies of nail plates and cause big complexes in people. Whom it is necessary to address for diagnostics and treatment of problem nails?


The mycologist who, first of all, is the good dermatologist able is engaged in diseases of nails to diagnose all skin diseases. The fungus, or mycosis – infectious disease which the person gets from other person is among the most widespread diseases of nails. It is possible to catch mycosis in sauna, the pool, bath, salon and other places of public use. Also it often meets at the people who are constantly wearing warm and close shoes.

According to statistical researches, nearly a quarter of modern mankind has fungal diseases of nails.

Symptoms of mycosis is the thickening, stratification and the subsequent coloring of nail plate with change of its color. If not to handle it to the mycologist, the disease will get chronic form and to get rid of it will be very much and very difficult. Besides, the chronic current of fungus provokes its further penetration into organism. Treatment of mycosis first of all requires survey of the qualified mycologist and research in laboratory of the struck material.

Treatment of fungus of nails

Having revealed the causative agent of disease, the mycologist will appoint modern anti-mycotic means, painless processing of sore nails the device for medical pedicure, hardware laser or imunnomoduliruyushchy therapy. Besides, fungal damages of nail can demand its removal on medical indications. You should not be afraid of it – removal process painless, and the mycologist will appoint the stimulating treatment and observations at the doctor before full growth of healthy nail plate.

The strong immunity can independently cope with fungus, having stopped its development at the earliest stages therefore it needs to be strengthened in every possible way.

To avoid infection with fungus, it is necessary to avoid the certain factors provoking its development. You should not wear the inconvenient and low-quality shoes made of synthetic material. Legs should not be constantly in the warm and damp environment, whether it be the become wet footwear or the sweated socks. Injuries and various cracks of feet it is necessary to treat urgently, without waiting for penetration into them of fungal infection. Also the risk of infection with mycosis increases at such diseases as diabetes, varicosity, obliterating endarteriit also Reynaud's disease.

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