What epilator is better

What epilator is better

Smooth and silky skin adds confidence to the woman. But to shave off undesirable hairs in a day or two very much tires, and saloon procedures cost expensive. Use of epilator will allow to save money and to make everything, without coming out the house.


1. The epilator is device of the small size which helps to get rid of excess hair by their wipe with root. The procedure rather painful also demands moral preparation, but there is enough effect for two-three weeks. At regular use of epilator the hair become thinner and more pale, and in some places vanish absolutely.

2. Spring epilator – the very first model which has appeared in the market of devices. Hairs are removed by means of the built-in spring which is bent and takes them. The main lack of such epilator is the fragility of the mechanism and need to often change electric device head. Now spring models are practically not used.

3. The disk model is considered newer kind of epilator. In head of the device, disks which rotate by the principle of gears are hidden, take hairs and delete them with root. Advantages of disk epilator in the speed of its work and also durability of the mechanism.

4. The latest model is the pintsetny epilator. Its principle of work is similar to disk, only instead of disks small tweezers are used. Advantages of such model are the increased efficiency of the procedure and also less painful feelings. Speed of work of pintsetny epilator depends on quantity of tweezers. In their some models there are more than 20 pieces that allows to make 600-700 pulling-out movements a minute.

5. If you have decided to use epilator for the first time, choose model for beginners. Thanks to special nozzle, such epilator makes the smaller quantity of movements and allows to facilitate unpleasant feelings. It is also possible to lower pain by means of the massage or cooling nozzles.

6. Some producers release epilators in the waterproof body that allows to use them in soul. It is also possible to meet the models working from network or the accumulator. It is convenient to take the last to the road. The devices complemented with nozzle with shaving function are considered as the most modern epilators. It is suitable for sensitive places with very gentle skin.

7. Choose epilator model, proceeding from own preferences and financial opportunities. However keep in mind that high-quality devices of the famous producers will serve longer and will make the procedure of more comfortable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team