What essential oils will help to get rid of cellulitis

What essential oils will help to get rid of cellulitis

Cellulitis decreases at regular massage with use of essential oils. Such massage promotes removal of toxins from organism. It is considered that they also lead to emergence of "orange-peel". However not all oils are effective in this case.

Essential oil of grapefruit  

Essential oil of grapefruit is widely used in the food and perfumery industry. It is characterized by pungent citrus smell and has color from pale yellow to light-ruby. Oil not only deletes cellulitis, but also stimulates lymphatic system. It also calms, removes stress in body, at the same time increases work of digestive system. Oil well cleans oily skin and saves from acne.  

Essential oil of lemon  

It is universal essential oil which is used for treatment of many diseases. Oil also has antiseptic properties - it protects skin from any infection. Contains such active agents as terpenes and citronella grass which bring toxins out of organism. Raises the immune system due to increase in blood circulation.

Essential oil of rosemary

It is received from evergreen bush of rosemary. Leaves of this plant are used in cookery and also for treatment of various diseases. It is applied in aromatherapy and in the medical purposes. Stimulating the central nervous system, rosemary helps to increase mental capacities. Besides, this essential oil has the warming action on organism, thereby stimulating blood circulation. Thanks to this property, oil of rosemary helps to bring toxins out of organism and to remove cellulitis.

Essential oil of magnolia vine

This oil is prepared from stalks and leaves of the magnolia vine growing in the West and the East of India. It has set of useful properties for health. Oil is used for treatment of skin, muscle pains. It is not recommended to apply to pregnant women. Oil is capable to cause allergic reactions therefore before its use it is desirable to see  doctor.

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