What exercises can be done after Cesarean section

What exercises can be done after Cesarean section

After Cesarean section it is better not to think of immediate physical activities. It is necessary to delay classes in restoration of figure not less than for 4-5 months. After the obstetrician-gynecologist allows physical activities, it is necessary to begin to carry out the following exercises regularly.


1. Gather in the drooped stomach by means of exercises on press: from horizontal position smoothly rise and lower the straightened legs. Then, having put hands "in lock" on nape, lift and lower the body. In the beginning do exercise till 7-10 times, then the number of approaches can be increased.

2. If your weak point – hands, begin training with dumbbells. Take shells weighing 1.5 kg. Get up exactly, part hands in the parties and you take away them back; lift and lower them together with dumbbells.

3. For posture correction regularly get up near wall, nestling on its surface nape, shovels, bottom and heels. Try to hold such bearing throughout the day, strengthening back muscles.

4. For prevention of omission of abdominal organs, be engaged in training of muscles of basin. For this purpose Kegel's exercises will approach: in any position of body strongly strain muscles of basin and delay them in such state for 10-15 seconds, after – relax. It is necessary to repeat these exercises as often as possible.

5. Optimum way quickly and not traumatic to restore figure after Cesarean section – occupations swimming. But the main thing – will and aspiration to physical perfection.

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