What hair are called nutbrown

What hair are called nutbrown

Chestnut color – natural, natural and soft. These are colors of caramel and chocolate, it tone of ripe nuts and cocoa. And when speak about chestnut color, do not mean any certain tone, chestnut color is rich in shades.

Bright brown-haired women

It is clear, that the women having chestnut hair color not so strongly are evident as "ginger devils", bright blondes or extravagant brunettes. But hair of color of chestnut have set of shades and draw attention with the naturalness.

The chestnut palette is so various that the woman of any tsvetotip will be able to pick up to herself suitable shade: from light brown to honey, from ashy-chestnut to graphite, from chocolate to dark-chestnut.

Undoubtedly, externally chestnut color seems neutral, however, when choosing shade it is necessary to exclude sharp contrasts between skin color and hair color. Besides, natural shades of hair have won huge popularity recently. Therefore at selection of shade it is necessary to aim at naturalness and to consider combination of natural hair color, shade of skin and color of eyes. Successfully picked up shade will emphasize beauty of the woman and will be fresh to look at any age. Experts say that the desirable hair color can be received if to pick up the shade other than natural hair color no more than on two tones. Paint is selected on tone more darkly, than desirable color at fair hair. For dark hair the shade of paint has to be two tones lighter than the desirable. Having correctly picked up shade, having skillfully applied rules of make-up and having chosen the clothes shading hair color, any woman with hair of color of chestnut will look elegantly and distinguished. Not less effectively and not less brightly, than burning brunette, ognenno red or platinum blonde.

Hair color and character

The hair color affects character of the person - psychologists claim. Women who at least once cardinally changed hair color agree with this statement. And if red-haired differ in uncontrollability and eccentricity, fatal brunettes are purposeful and have strong-willed nature, and blondes are appeasable, then women, as a rule, are counterbalanced with chestnut hair color, is responsible and are self-sufficient. From that and the career at them develops most successfully. In addition, according to the statistics, owners of nutbrown hair are associated at men with homeliness more, than blondes, red or brunettes. Beauties with chestnut shade make impression of thoughtful interlocutors and for people around have the special attractive force which is based on deep human values.

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