What hairbrush to choose for volume laying

What hairbrush to choose for volume laying

Long ago there has passed that time when masters cut out comb from tree or bone and gave to the beloved. Today there is set of models of the hairbrushes capable nearly of real miracles.

Most often it is possible to hear the recommendations of hairdressers to use for volume the following types of hairbrushes:

  1. Fish bone (skeleton). It has received such name because of the appearance really similar to skeleton of unknown fish. Thanks to construction features of hairbrush, air flow from the hair dryer it will be easy to circulate in locks of hair without overheating them. Raising hair cloves of hairbrush it is possible to create radical volume.
  2. Crest. It is the most popular hairbrush. Today crests are issued different form and the sizes, with the thin and close located cloves and also rare. Such hairbrush is most universal, allows to make with hairstyle practically everything - pile, modeling, laying, weaving.
  3. Brushing. The cylindrical form of hairbrush allows to create accurate curls. For hair straightening it is also recommended. Brushings with metal teeth or natural bristle can be found the different sizes (small it is better to use for fine hair and laying with curls, big - for volume).

It is necessary to tell, modern businessmen from hairstyles do not stand still. In search of new decisions the ionizing hairbrush (it is considered has been invented that ions give to hair healthy shine and volume), TANGLE TEEZER hairbrush - it is more similar to small shoe brush and it is intended for disentangling of the most difficult hair, uniform distribution of the looking after means on all length of hair. It is possible not to doubt that over time inventors will strike us and new high-tech hairbrushes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team