What hairstyles it is pleasant to men

What hairstyles it is pleasant to men

Sometimes tastes of men and women cardinally differ. Such situation reigns also in the world of hairdresser's art. Many girls like naughty short hairstyles or African braids, but the stronger sex has the opinion on this question.


  1. Favourite at men are long let on shoulders slightly wavy hair down. To them there is a wish to touch, touch, pass between fingers. Any gel or hairspray, only natural soft curls.
  2. Most of girls take away hair in horse tail when they have no time to construct full-fledged hairstyle on the head. However many men it is crazy about this option. Especially it is pleasant to them as the tail looks on girls with thick and long bangs. Fashionable trend – horse tails with pile the men have also approved.
  3. The bunch on hair at many is associated with the teacher. But this association can be positive: the strict blouse with excess unbuttoned button, skirt pencil, stockings, shoes court shoes and cone from head hair – such image is pleasant to many guys.
  4. The hairstyle short flight of stairs is very approved by men. Not important, what length at the same time at you hair, the hairdresser will be able to pick up option of the locks which are successfully framing face. And men so like to take away disobedient curls.
  5. Many men do not like chemical wave. And here they admire large curls with pleasure. It is so pleasant to pick up, bend them curls. Try to wind volume curls and to make make-up "smoki-ice". In the opinion of the man you will become similar to the film star.
  6. In the last decades more and more men say that they like braids. Perhaps, began to pull them to Slavic roots or it remembers the childhood and fighting girlfriends with the sticking-out braids. Also classical braid to belt, and naughty braids enjoy love on each side.
  7. Most of men not too likes short hairstyles. However if the lady nevertheless wishes to make it, men vote for bean. According to them, it is associated with sexuality, chic and freedom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team