What highlighting happens

What highlighting happens

Highlighting is coloring only parts of hair, locks or tips. It helps to refresh image, to add to it highlight and originality. There are different types of highlighting: on light, fair-haired and even dark hair.

"Californian highlighting"

This type of highlighting is recognized by hairdressers as the most sparing. "the Californian highlighting" by means of the paints which are not containing ammonia is carried out. Coloring is intended for brown-haired women and light-haired young ladies. The master creates several locks as if naturally burned out in the sun on hair. For coloring light shades usually are used: wheat, honey, caramel, sand, pearl, golden and so on. This equipment does not provide coloring of roots of hair and sharp contrasts. Transitions of color almost imperceptible. Therefore such highlighting does not demand frequent coloring. One more advantage of "the Californian highlighting" that it perfectly masks gray hair. To such Hollywood stars as Sara Jessica Parker and Jenifer Aniston this type of highlighting was very much fallen in love.

It is also kind of the sparing blondirovaniye of hair. It is recommended only for light-haired and light brown-haired women. Highlighting is obliged by the name to the French cosmetic concern L'Oreal which one of the first has developed the paint allowing to carry out clarification on three-four tones. During coloring on this technology the master often combines several shades, creating effect of burning out in the sun. The more shades it is used, the more effective and more expensive the look at hairstyle turns out. Advantage of "the French highlighting" in giving to hair of additional volume and creation of beautiful game of patches of light. By means of this equipment it is possible to create both warm, and cold tone of blond.

This type of highlighting assumes coloring of hair in steel shades. Fair and fair hair suits "ashy highlighting". Coloring not only all bush of hair, but also separate locks is possible. Ashy color - very whimsical. Therefore it is impossible to save on this type of highlighting. It is necessary to do it in the best salon. Ashy locks not only will add glamor to image, but also will make you is slightly more senior than the years. Very beautiful combination - ashy and black locks. But it is option for the most courageous. Consider also that "ashy highlighting" is very quickly washed away from hair. Therefore it will be regularly necessary to tint locks.

Feature of "cascade highlighting" that it becomes from tips of hair to roots. It suits those women who want to return the natural hair color. Coloring is carried out in such a way that locks, dark at roots, gradually flow in light tips. The owner of this highlighting can wait until hair grow to the necessary length, and then it is simple to shear the painted ends.

The type of highlighting is intended for burning brunettes. Coloring allows clarification of only several locks. The master creates effect of solar patches of light: sharp transitions and contrasts are absent. Admissible shades: platinum, lemon, cognac and chocolate. Especially effectively the honey palette and also wet sand looks. Technology of coloring rather fast as does not demand work with foil. The master chooses locks chaotically, and works spontaneously. The longer on hair paint keeps, the result will be lighter. During coloring it is necessary to recede from roots 3 cm. Thus roots after "the Venetian highlighting" are not evident, and the hairstyle looks harmonious.

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