What index of Quetelet corresponds to normal weight

What index of Quetelet corresponds to normal weight

The people not indifferent to the health, surely watch weight. There is set of the techniques helping to define ideal ratio of growth and weight. However very few people from laymans know what is Quetelet's index or body mass index.

Adolphe Quetelet's works on mathematics, astronomy and sociologists are world renowned. But for women he is, first of all, creator of the unique formula helping to be in good shape.

What is it?

All who were going to grow thin need to take an interest what is Quetelet's index or body mass index. Without possessing similar information, it is possible to be fond so of diet that it will lead to exhaustion and problems with health.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is used by many nutritionists for determination of normal weight. Also by means of special formula it is possible to reveal insufficient or excess body weight. To define whether there corresponds weight to growth, it is necessary to divide body weight into growth in meters squared. For example, 60 kg: (1.6 m of X 1.6 m) = BMI 23.44. It is recognized as norm harmless for health.

To what indicator to adhere

Quetelet's index corresponding to normal weight will help to leave many complexes and to cease to aim at illusive ideal and excessive leanness. So, at people whose BMI is equal to 18.5-25 units, all in full order. It is rather simple to them to lead active lifestyle and to eat healthy food to keep shape. If BMI fluctuates at the level from 16 to 18.5, it is necessary to think of set of weight. These indicators are not critical, but nevertheless it is worth visiting the nutritionist. People at whom Quetelet's index has fallen lower than 16 units, most likely, need medical care. The similar picture happens at the dystrophic persons and girls having anorexia. At BMI 25-30 speech already go about excess body weight. Such situation demands diet and active sports activities. Otherwise BMI can grow to 30-35 units, and it is already the first degree of obesity. Usually people whose body mass index is 35-40, know that they have problems with weight. Such picture signals about the second degree of obesity. And BMI exceeding 40 units – about the third degree.

Additional information

As Quetelet's index corresponding to normal weight is conditional indicator, it does not consider constitution. For example, at professional athletes of BMI is very high due to large number of muscle bulk. Therefore it is necessary to consider body parameters and also to measure fat percent in organism. Special scales will be necessary for the last action in house conditions. Setting growth indicator, gender and age on such scales, it is possible to find out how many in fat organism and how many muscles and waters.

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