What is bio-tattoo

What is bio-tattoo

Bio-tattoos are extremely popular today in view of the fact that, unlike the real tattoo, they do not remain on skin forever. This type of tattoo is carried out by means of henna to which the master applies graceful and beautiful drawings on palms, forearms, ankle and foot.

Art painting of body

Bio-tattoo, or Mende has come from the North African and southern Asian countries relatively recently, but very quickly became popular and stylish decoration of body. Do to Mandy by means of special chemical composition or henna which is not entered under skin needle, and apply on the surface of skin with special brush. Drawing biotattoo, depending on complexity of the drawing, takes only 1-2 hours. It keeps on skin from two weeks to one month.

Natural henna – the most ancient cosmetic received from leaves of henna and used still by ancient Egyptians.

The procedure for drawing bio-tattoo is completely hygienic and painless, at it it is impossible to bring infection in organism or to damage integument. Besides, henna makes salutary impact on skin and is even capable to cure certain skin diseases. After drawing on skin of cinchonic paste, it dries for 2 hours – then it is accurately scraped off. On skin there is pattern which should not be wetted water within a day.

Advantages of bio-tattoo

The biotattoo is hypoallergenic and completely safe for health. It can be updated or replaced with other drawing quickly. The pattern from henna is resistant to water influence thanks to what the bio-tattoo can be put during beach season. Also Mende has beauty and originality – in it it is possible to apply various colors, spangles, paints and technology of execution. The cost of bio-tattoo is much lower, than the cost of usual tattoo. It is impossible to remove such drawing for once – to wash away it it will turn out only for several days of active washing. Longer to keep bio-tattoo, it is necessary to follow number of rules of the address with Mende. Part of the body with pattern it is impossible to rub bast or to do on it peeling. The drawing cannot be wiped with lotions which part alcohol is – it will wash away tattoo. Saunas and baths with the increased humidity and temperature are also contraindicated to Mende. Also bleaching creams which will deprive of it beautiful saturated color are harmful to the cinchonic drawing. To get rid of the bothered biotattoo, skin needs to be cleaned with house or purchased srub several times a day. Also scrubbing can be added with the cleaning shower gel or soap with which it is necessary to wash the site with the drawing. Perfectly alcohol or folk remedies for skin lightening – for example, lemon juice, cucumber or infusion of root of parsley will help to remove bio-tattoo.

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