What is bleforoplastika

What is bleforoplastika

One of the most widespread problems arising on face are obvisany eyelid skins. Generally such changes are caused by age, but can appear from behind features of way of life or bad ecology. The bleforoplastika will help to return beauty to eyes.


1. Bleforoplastik represents the surgical procedure adjusting eyelid skin. Very often it is called ""correction of the hung century"". Operation of bleforoplastika takes a lot of time and lasts, as a rule, not less than two hours. The main action of the expert is distribution of fat deposits by even layer under skin. Fat is simply overtaken to places where it is not enough and is removed from sites of excessive congestion.

2. The effect of operation of bleforoplastika remains for a long time. Drooped century weakening of circular muscle around eyes is basic reason. The surgeon does several small cuts and adjusts muscle. In some cases operation is performed without damage of integuments. The main tool of the expert in this case is the special microscope.

3. Consequences of fleboroplastika are eliminated very quickly. Cuts become small, and all seams are imposed by special threads. Rehabilitation usually lasts not longer than one month. By this time surgical intervention becomes absolutely imperceptible. The effect of the procedure is capable not only to return beautiful eyelid skin, but also to rejuvenate face for several years.

4. Having decided to make fleboroplastika, each woman has to consult with the sotvetstvuyushchy expert. Besides, special attention should be paid to reputation of clinic and experience of the surgeon. Only qualified specialists can carry out process of correction of eyelid skin according to the established rules and define need of implementation of operation with cuts or without injury of skin.

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