What is brilliantine

What is brilliantine

there is large amount of styling sprays – from various stayler to varnishes. As prototype they were served by brilliantine which was especially popular in the middle of last century with men. By means of it Johnny Kesh, Elvis Presley and other stars created the well-known hairstyles.

What represents brilliantine

Brilliantine – styling spray which on the viscous structure reminds gel. However, unlike it, brilliantine does not dry hair, and keeps their softness. It is possible to learn about its availability on head of hear on unnatural gloss of locks and effect of oily hair.

It is much more difficult to wash away brilliantine, than any other means for fixing. The thing is that useful oils and mineral fats are its part. Before it made in general only of such products as paraffin, perfumery oil, natural vaseline, rosin. Today also often add beeswax, various aromatic additives, natural oils to it and it is a little dye.

How to use brilliantine

To gain the maximum effect of this means, it is necessary to pick up correctly it to hair. For dense and rather obedient head of hear it is possible to use soft brilliantine. If it is necessary to record reliably hairstyle, it is better to choose heavier kind of this means. It is also very important to consider also hair color – for fair-haired and blonde it is better to use light brilliantine as black can change their shade a little. Besides, dark means can leave marks on clothes or pillow. It is better to apply brilliantine on dry hair. For this purpose it is necessary just to dip two fingers into jar, to pound the taken quantity of means between palms and to carry out by them on head of hear. Naturally, it is necessary to do it in that direction in which hair have to lie, but not as it is necessary. For creation of hairstyle as at Elvis Presley it is desirable to record nabriolineny hair also in addition varnish. To wash away brilliantine, it is necessary to work as it consists of fat oils. It is the for this purpose best of all to buy special shampoo. If it is absent near at hand, it is possible to apply at first on hair of a little olive oil – on its basis many shampoos for brilliantine washing away are made. Then it is necessary to wash the head means of deep cleaning. At the same time it is the best of all to use hot water which dissolves the fat substances which are part of brilliantine much more effectively. Washing away brilliantine, be ready that it is necessary to wash up the head several times. And in this case brilliantine not completely will descend from hair. If brilliantine is going to be used daily, to wash away it up to the end every evening there is no need. However, despite the useful components which are its part, such means is recommended to be used with breaks.

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