What is electroepilation

What is electroepilation

The electroepilation is the most radical method of removal of hair today. Having decided on such procedure, it is necessary to study at first all information, contraindications.

Often write in advertisements that the electroepilation is ideal way of disposal of undesirable hair forever. However in reality everything is not so simple. 

The method essence — removal of hair by means of very thin needle which gets into each hair follicle owing to what the bulb is killed, and hair on this place does not grow any more. The electroepilation can be carried out by alternating or direct current and also the combined methods. The chosen method depends on stuktura of hair and zone on body and is defined individually for everyone. 

The first what it is worth remembering is the duration of the procedure as each hair "is killed" separately, it is necessary to stock up with patience. Some patients bring with themselves the book not to waste time and to distract from unpleasant feelings. 

Secondly, pain is present, at sensitive zones, for example bikini, they quite intensive and demand special anesthesia. Anesthesia is performed by pricks around processing zone as the application anesthesia in this case is ineffective. Before anesthesia pricks it is impossible to have coffee and alcohol within a day. 

After electroepilation on skin there are red dots, then crusts which descend. The cosmetologist has to tell in detail about skin care after epilation. During healing it is impossible to comb skin at all and to tear off crusts, then there will be no trace left from them. It is also necessary to preserve skin against influence of sunshine to prevent possibility of emergence of pigmental spots. 

Full disposal of hair requires from four to eight procedures. If you depilated the laser before, then the number of procedures can increase. The interval between sessions has to make no more than one and a half months, otherwise the efficiency of method can decrease considerably. It is connected with cycle of development and aging of hair. During removal of hard hair vellus can regenerate, but their quantity is also limited therefore eventually it is possible to reach full disposal of hair. 

Contraindications at electroepilation are diseases of heart, nervous system, oncological diseases, tendency to formation of keloid hems, pregnancy. Show consideration for the choice of the medical center, qualification of experts, sanitary conditions in which perform the procedure. Unlike main types of depilation, it is serious intervention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team