What is gel polish

What is gel polish

polish - novelty in the world of cosmetics for nails. Having appeared in the market a few years ago, he is not going to give in. Means unites properties of varnishes and nail gels, differs in the increased firmness and mirror gloss, and the width of palette does not concede to traditional enamels.


  1. At hybrid of varnish and gel there are a lot of advantages. Means differs in high resistance. At the correct drawing it keeps up to 3 weeks without scrapes, cracks and chips. All this time does not tarnish varnish. Gel polish gives durability to fragile nails, is suitable both for manicure, and for pedicure.
  2. Important point for owners of sensitive nails - lack of unhealthy components. Means do not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and its pitches. During the drawing and removal of gel-varnish the nails are not cut. Manicure can be done constantly, means does not interfere with the normal growth and updating of nails.
  3. It is worth referring to advantages also ease of drawing. It is possible to do manicure in salon or independently. It is important to get all necessary: protective base under varnish, color gel polish, protective top and also powerful UF-lamp of saloon level. It is possible to remove means with branded liquid, but also the usual means for varnish removal which is containing acetone or not having it in structure will approach.
  4. The first lines of gels-varnishes had limited color scale of classical shades. Today it is possible to find original fashionable colors in family of the combined varnishes: blue, green, violet. Besides gels-varnishes well mix up with each other. Consider that it is possible to mix only means of one brand.
  5. It is possible to refer need of careful processing of nails before covering to shortcomings of gel polish. On too fat, ridge and uneven plates the means keeps badly. It is necessary to polish nails, having removed all roughnesses, and then to degrease plates special structure.
  6. It is quite difficult to remove gels-varnishes. To erase covering one movement of cotton pad it will not turn out. It is necessary to make peculiar compress of the tampons impregnated with liquid for varnish removal, and after softening to scrape off covering wooden or plastic stick. All process will take not less than an hour.
  7. It is necessary to put means in several stages. At first give nail the necessary form and length, remove cuticle. Grind plate polishing bar and wipe with the napkin moistened in liquid for varnish removal. Then put layer of transparent protective base and dry it under the UF-lamp.
  8. Accurately put color covering. Gel polish lays down even glossy layer, being well distributed on nail. Accidental drips can be removed quickly with the Q-tip moistened in liquid for varnish removal. Dry varnish under lamp. Atop put the special fixing covering and too fix it under lamp. You do not hurry, manicure has to be carried out carefully. That varnish has completely dried, dry each layer not less than 2 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team