What is gloss tattoo

What is gloss tattoo

(glitter) - the tattoo is one of the directions of body art. It represents applique from the sparkling multi-colored spangles. The size, form and color of the drawing depend only on your imagination.

Gloss tattoo differs from other directions of body art in the brightness and dazzling shine which help to create stylish and unique image. If you, gathering for party, in club or for the beach, decorate the body with the similar work of art, the general attention and enthusiastic views will be guaranteed to you!

Technology of drawing gloss tattoo is quite simple. After processing of the chosen part of the body, alcohol, to skin applies special hypoallergenic glue for body art. The desirable form can be given to the drawing as by hand, and by means of cliche. Process of drawing spangles on glue goes the next stage. Depending on complexity the drawing can be one-color, and can represent multi-color composition with transitions from one color to another. After drawing spangles the applique is left for several minutes, expecting glue drying, and then remove excess glitter brush wit. Gloss tattoo it is ready!

Depending on leaving the sparkling drawing will hold on on body from 3 to 10 days. With it it is possible to bathe and take shower, but, whenever possible, it is necessary to try to protect it from different mechanical influences. It is possible to remove gloss tattoo if desired very easily – during acceptance of shower just intensively rub the drawing bast or the cotton pad moistened in soft liquid for varnish removal.

Recommendations about leaving

  1. During washing try not to rub the field of drawing the drawing sponge or bast and also avoid hit on it of alcohol, creams and oils.
  2. Visit of bath, sauna, sunbed is undesirable.
  3. After the water procedures the area of the drawing should be got wet with towel carefully. Waterproof glue, but is afraid of rough mechanical influence.

This option of temporary tattoo is ideal for special cases or short-term actions when you need to have amazing effect. If desired gloss tattoo can be changed though every day, without doing at the same time any harm to your skin. The bright poured drawing – great option for fans of frequent change of images.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team