What is hot manicure and than it is good

What is hot manicure and than it is good

Gentle skin of hands requires especially careful care. Daily use various washing or cleaners and also environmental impact, can worsen considerably its state and bring a lot of trouble. And not always use of hand cream helps to fix problems.

Hot manicure represents very pleasant, and, above all useful procedure allowing to strengthen repeatedly effect of cream. Very often this method is confused with SPA manicure that is not absolutely correct. Effect and advantage of hot manicure much more.

Hot manicure with use of large amount of the oil or cream warmed up to the certain temperature is carried out. This procedure can be compared to paraffinotherapy. The effect of restoration and moistening will be so considerable. The difference between these ways is that hot cream or oil baths are not contraindicated for skin at which there are cracks, chaps or microinjuries. In similar cases they, on the contrary, will have useful effect.

The method is good also the fact that it is possible to carry out it as at the professional master, and at home. In professional salon the warming up of liquids is carried out in the electric bath intended for hot manicure. Then hands fall to cream or oil warmed up to the temperature of 50-55 degrees for several seconds. This temperature promotes activization in skin cells of vital processes. Strengthening blood circulation and opening skin cells, hot cream feeds and humidifies much more effectively usual, and nutrients get much more deeply. To carry out the procedure of hot manicure quite perhaps and in house conditions. For this purpose oil or cream need to be warmed on water bath. It is necessary to keep hands in the warmed liquid about 20-25 minutes. It should be noted that the cream removed from water bath gradually cools down that reduces its influence a little. The special baths used in professional salons of subjects are also good that they maintain the set temperature throughout all procedure. Hot baths help to keep to skin of hands youth, giving it softness and elasticity. The fragility and lamination of nails after the similar procedures considerably decreases, improves cuticle. Hot manicure has also the weakening effect, removes stress and well influences joints.

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